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Changes on this website
The group, Poetry in Progress, has disbanded. In the past this site has been here to support that group, but now the website scope/goal and mission has changed. What, then, will this website be? We will be here, doing what we've always done - being a place to read and post poetry, a place to geImage: Footsteps in the sandt acquainted with our poets. The policies and guidelines have also changed.


"I want this to be a place where the public can get a flavor or a sense of a poet's work. Perhaps seeing this site as a kind of art gallery is appropriate. The poet profiles will continue to help us know the poets as persons - beyond reading your poems. Our poets are now referred to as PIP Poets. Poets can re-do poet profiles by completing a new form (see link in yellow box - upper left of this page). This information is even more important now that the physical group has gone and we no longer have those meetings as a place to get acquainted.
     As in the past, I will not be able to post loads of poems by any one individual.
     Finally, another apt metphor for our poets' work here might be "footsteps in the sand." Watch these pages. You will see the footsteps of some pretty cool poets and we invite you to follow them into their poetic imaginations. PIP Poets- start now with the poetic challenge below."
    I look forward to a bright and fascinating future on these page.
    Please feel free to comment on the website changes or ask questions by using the Contact Form.
I am always open to and in need of feedback, corrections, suggestions, etc.
- Glenn Currier, editor / owner


This website is here to encourage the writing, reading, and enjoyment of poetry, especially among those whose poems are posted here. We want to promote creativity and writing, as well as self discovery and expression. By becoming a PIP Poet you will have a public place to display your work for anyone on the Internet. Posting on the website and being a poet-contributor is limited and constrained by the website guideliness and policies.

Want to post a poem here?
To post poems here you must be an official poet-contributor (PIP Poet). Please see poet/contributor information, use the Poem Submission Form and follow its instructions. The timing of the publication of poems varies. Please send all the information requested.

Scope and goal of this website
The editor, Glenn Currier says, "I want this to be a place where the public can get a flavor or a sense of a poet's work. Perhaps seeing this site as a kind of art gallery is appropriate. The poet profiles will help the website visitor to know you as a person - beyond reading your poems. Once your profile is posted here, if you want to re-do or revise it just complete a new form and indicate in the Note to Editor section that this is a revision of an already existing profile.

In general, I will not be able to post more than a dozen or so poems by any one individual.

Mission of this Website - To support creativity in the writing and reading of poetry by making it visible on the Web.

PoetryInProgress.net Requirements and Design Specs
Although there are publicly accessible Internet sites and blogs that allow poets to post their own work on the sites, they are designed to a higher and more complex level of technology and browser support than is possilbe with this site.. While PoetryInProgress.net should display in almost any browser, your experience will most match the intended experience if your computer meets the following specifications:

  • Current mainstream browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • Screen resolution of 800x600 or greater
  • Java and Java Script enabled
  • Cookies enabled

Construction of Website
This website is no different than most in that it is always under construction. If you find errors or have any suggestions or comments, I would be happy to get your feedback about the site - ideas for improvement, broken links, spelling or any other errors. Please contact me, Glenn Currier, editor/owner and webmaster.

Welcome Feedback
Welcome to PoetryInProgress.net. I hope you enjoy browsing these pages. Please send me your feedback about the site.

Photo / audio / and other credits
I have attempted to give full credit to all photographers, graphic and audio artists displayed on this website. Please see the Credits page for a table listing the credits. Any photos not given credit are the property of Glenn Currier, the website editor/owner. I wish to give special recognition and thanks to Flickr.com Commons and all the artists there who provide free images. Flickr.com Commons is the source of most of the non-owner images on this site.

- Glenn Currier
  Editor-Owner and Webmaster

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