PIP group disbanded


Poetry in Progress group disbanded

About the final meeting
Monday evening, August 3, 2015 the gathered members of Poetry in Progress made the decision to disband the group. Attendance at meetings had waned in the past two years until only 6 to 8 people were present at meetings.
Glenn Currier, a leader of the group, made a presentation in which he stated his decision to leave the group for personal reasons. He explained that it was his belief that the group was no longer really an alive group because it was not growing, maturing, and developing.

After people had a chance to share their feelings, ideas, and sentiments a vote was taken in which all but two members present voted that it was time to say goodbye to the group and to disband it.. Details of the meeting and the decisions are spelled out in the minutes of the August 3, 2015 meeting - click here for minutes..

The website
This website will remain and will continue to receive and post poems and poet profiles as it always has. The biggest change on the website is that material about the Poetry in Progress group will no longer be posted. Information about the group and its end will remain on the website for a while.

Update: Farewell dinner
The group decided to have one last farewell dinner and poem-reading at Ojeda's Mexican Restaurant in DeSoto - September 14, 2015 See photos and information about that dinner.

The documents presented by Glenn to the group at this meeting detail his thinking about why it was time to disband and detail the decisions and dispositions that needed to be made - whatever the decisions of the gorup. If you are interested in seeing a copy of the documents please send him a message via the Contact Us form on this website or call him or email him.

The following is a list of the decisions made at the August 3, 2015 Poetry in Progress meeting:

  1. The members present at the meeting voted 12 to 2 in favor of disbanding Poetry in Progress.
  2. A check for $760 will be tendered to the City of DeSoto in the near future. This check will be accompanied by a letter spelling out the wishes of the group that the funds be used to promote poetry reading and writing in the DeSoto Public Library for children and teens.
  3. The Poetry in Progress checking account and the PayPal account will be closed.
  4. The book, Poetry in Progress will remain on sale by CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com and that account will remain. However by vote of those present at the meeting, it will be in the name of Glenn Currier since the group and the checking account will no longer be in existence. Anyone may purcharse the book online, however, if contributors to the book wish to purchase discounted copies, they may contact Pamela Miller who will manage that process. Royalties for the book will be sent to Glenn’s checking account who will keep up with them and when and if they accrue, he will present them to the library after a certain amount has accrued.
  5. Glenn ownes the website, PoetryInPrgress.net and will continue to maintain it and publish poems sent to him my former members of the Poetry in Progress group and by others as well.

Below is Glenn's goodbye poem which he read Monday evening.

By Glenn Currier

I never was much good at math
and got nervous and scared at PE
so I took a more enjoyable path
because words were always good to me.

Words made me curious and brave
big ones stumped the bullies and bums
and I liked the feelings those victories gave;
they influenced what I'd become.

It was words wonderful words I heard
when I came to this place Monday nights
here I found the mystery of the word
made my soul soar to wonderful heights.

Here among these poets and friends
I had fun and I let my light shine
and as my time with you comes to an end
I know I have tasted something divine.

On this journey you showed me you,
we've reached our fine poetic goals
you've been kind and creative and true
thank you for your words and your beautiful souls.

Dedicated to my friends in Poetry in Progress the group which disbanded Monday August 3, 2015. This poem was read at our final meeting. We had a good run.

Farewell email from Glenn Currier
The following is taken from an email sent to the group email list by Glenn August 6th 2015, two days after the final meeting of the group:

Hello, it is Glenn Currier. I am saying goodbye to the Poetry in Progress group. I have made such wonderful friends in this group and have enjoyed and been inspired by the creativity and work of its members. It has been my honor to be a leader of this group and to have initiated it about 5 years ago. But I believe God is leading me on another path now and it is time to go.

I thank those of you who contributed your time and effort to the group and who have suported it and me. I especially want to thank Helen Currier who supported me as president and co-chair and has acted as Treasurer and Secretary the past several years. Helen, you know how terrible I am with numbers, so your dealing with the treasurer's and secretaries duties has been essential. And of course, thank you for loving me and for listening. Special appreciation goes out to Elizabeth Hobbs who was in those first meetings in the DeSoto Public Library conference room in September 2010. She was our first secretary and treasurer which made the organizational aspects of the group possible. Elizabeth, your beautiful spirit, creativity, and sense of humor have been an inspiration to me and to so many. Lucille Dade, the former library director is really responsible for the initial success of this group and her gentle guiding spirit was the encouragement we needed. Also, we met in the quiet reading room in the library for the first year or so. Bobbie Williams has been with us from the start and has supported us in so many ways, including being the greeter and time keeper at our meetings. Bobbie has said how sad she is about the demise of the group. Thank you Bobbie for your wisdom and your lively spirit, and for all the work you have put into this group. Bev Wittman who helped at the sign-in table and has been a loyal supporter from the beginning. Thank you Lucille. Kerry McGeath, the present library director has supported our efforts and I have enjoyed our many conversations. Thank you Kerry. Pamela Miller, who has been co-chair of the group for the past couple of years, provided her poetic and beautiful human spirit to the group when it was needed. Thank you Pam for your help, your guidance, your positive, can-do attitude, and for keeping me grounded.

[Two friends who have supported the group and have provided informal leadership are Dave Bates and John Call, both beautiful people who will always be my friends. Also - behind the scenes, so to speak, is my sister, Genie Currier who has financially supported the group in a major way and who read the group's meeting minutes with interest.]

There are so many more who have meant a lot to the group and to me, and you know who you are. If I started listing you, I am sure I would leave someone out and I don't want to do that. Thank you so very much.

I love you.

Glenn Currier


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