Policies of PoetryInProgress.net

Policies [Revised August 24, 2015]
Acceptance and posting of poems on PoetryInProgress.net is totally at the discretion of the editor/owner. The Guidelines listed below are subject to change at any time.

Guidelines for Submission and Acceptance of Poems

  1. Electronic Submission: Poems should be submitted via the online Poem Submission Form. If you have difficulty submitting poems in this manner, please contact the editor, Glenn Currier via the Contact Form for permission to email him your submissions. Please give a brief explanation..
  2. Name: Real names are preferred. However, for purposes of safety and/or privacy, you may use a pen name (pseudonym). You must indicate that in a "Note to the Editor" section of the Poet Profile Form.
  3. Poet Profiles and Poet Information: We want to post information about you on your "Poet Profile Page." Please submit this information using the Poet Profile Form. You must have a valid functioning e-mail for the editor/owner to communicate with you. E-mail addresses will not be disclosed publicly.
    1. Poet Profile Page: All poets published here will have their own page which will contain i) any information poets wish to be included in their profile and ii) a link to their poems page.
    2. "About Me" section: I encourage you to write a short piece that will give the reader an insight into you and/or your work. You can make it as informal and personal or as formal and impersonal as you like.
    3. Example: Please see Glenn Currier's profile page or Elizabeth Hobbs' profile page for examples.
  4. Statement of Agreement with Policies: When you submit the Poet Profile Form you are asked to check a box indicating that you are in agreement with these website policies and promise to abide by them. If you do not agree, your work will not be published here. If you have questions or concerns you can voice them in a Contact Form. Violation of these policies might result in you and your work being removed from the site.
  5. "Explicit" Material: When submitting a poem for posting on the site, an "explicit tag" must be inserted, that is, the word: "Explicit" must be typed in brackets above the poem's title and will show up on the site as such. This will give fair warning to possible readers, especially children.
    • Meaning of Explicit / Obscene Language: In general terms, "obscene" language is defined as any of the commonly held "cuss" words, while "explicit" content is defined as anything including violence, sex, drug use, or gore. Although considered on a case-by-case basis, any posting which would receive a PG-13 rating or higher would require an explicit tag. Members who are unsure of whether their post meets this criteria should contact the editor before submitting the poem or immediately thereafter. In some extreme cases, the editor may remove poems containing very disturbing or inflammatory images or language.
    • No Profanity in Titles: Poem titles may contain NO profane, or obscene language.

  6. PIP Poets: The main purpose of this website is to support the PIP Poets on the website.
    1. However, only a limited number of poems (up to 10 or 12) will be posted here due to the time involved in posting them to this site. Please see "Scope and goal of this website."

    2. Becoming a PIP Poet: To become a PIP Poet you must submite a Poet Profile. When you are accepted as a PIP Poet your name and links to your poet profile and poems page will be listed on the Poets start page. [Should comment forums eventually become enabled on this website, you will also have the privilege to comment on poems.]

    3. You will also be placed on a private email list which the editor uses if he needs to get in touch with all the PIP Poets.
  7. Copyrights / Original Works Required: It is a requirement that any and all works published or posted on this website are original works produced and created by the poet submitting them. If plagiarism by a poet is ever discovered, that poet and his or her works will be removed. Poems posted here have a © copyright line posted at the end of each poem and the date of copyright listed is the date it is originally posted on this site, regardless of when and where it might have been posted elsewhere. Sometimes the "date written" will also be posted.

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