How to make sound recordings... some hints


Hello, this is Glenn Currier, webmaster of I am not an expert on audio/sound recordings, but below I will share with you some of what I have learned about making sound recordings of your voice while you read your poems. Good luck!

PC users [Instructions below work with Windows 7 and Windows XP]

  1. Go to Programs
  2. Click on Accessories folder >
  3. Click on Sound Recorder [in Windows XP click on the Entertainment folder.] >
  4. Click on "Start Recording" > Don't be concerned when you see "Stop Recording" appear, it is there simply for you to click when you have finished the recording. [In Windows XP click on the big red dot.]  
    NOTE ON MICROPHONES: If you are using a desktop computer and don't have a built-in microphone, you will have to get a microphone and Google how to use it on a PC. Contact me for more information - see my email address below..
  5. Click "Stop Recording" when you have finished reading or saying your poem (or whatever) > [Windows XP click on the black square to stop recording.]
  6. A message will appear asking "Do you want to save changes to the audio file?" Click "Yes" > [in Windows XP click on "File" > "Save As."]
  7. A small screen will appear with "Save As" in the upper left-hand corner and a list of folders on your computer. Double click on the folder in which you want to save this sound recording file. If you don't have a folder you want to use, create one.
  8. At the bottom of the above box you will see "File name" and in the rectangle box to the right a blued-in text probably says "Untitled." Click on that text or delete it and type in what you want to name this recording. In this instance I suggest you name it with a word or two included in the title so you will know what the file is in the future. >
  9. When you have named the file, click "Save" in the lower right hand corner of the "Save As" screen..

Hooray! You have made a sound recording that you can now listen to by double-clicking on its File name. Listen to the recording and if it is not the way you want it, just repeat the steps above saving the new recording with a new File name. When your recording is ready contact Glenn via contact form on this site, tell him you have a recording to post on the website and leave your email address.

Other Recording Software: By the way, if you want to do more with your recordings, you can download some really good free software called: Audacity to make and edit your recordings. Just Google "Audacity download" to find it. I am sure there are other software programs that you can use, but I use Audacity and it works for me. I downloaded it from CNET which seems to be a safe download website. I have used CNET in the past and didn't get viruses on my computer. With CNET you have to endure a few ads (don't click on them unless you are interested) but they are not burdensome.

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