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We love the Blue Cow
The Blue Coffee Company is more than a cafe, it is an institution where town's folk, business and government leaders, and poets gather. The staff is courteous and eager to please. They are a team of caring people who know many of their customers by their first names.

This little enterprise is one of the best kept secrets in De Soto They serve the best coffee in town at the most reasonable price. And I am not kidding. Stop by for soup, a sandwich, great baked goods, a latte, or other delights.

I recently discovered the paninis. They are delicious warmed sandwiches that use a homemade bread with a wonderful flavor. I like the turkey cheddar bacon panini.


I couldn't believe how good the coffee was. I have been to Starbucks, but the Blue Cow coffee does not have a bitter after taste to it. I like the chickory coffee, being from Louisiana, but don't be afraid, it is very mild.

Even more amazing than the wonderful flavor of the coffee is the price. Any size cup is just 99 cents.

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Finding the Blue Cow Coffee Company - map and directions

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Order from the counter and if you get lunch, the friendly staff or even the cook, the friendly staff will deliver it to you as you sit at one of the tables in the nice lobby area. And of course, while they are preparing your food you can go into the DeSoto Public Library through the double glass doors and check out a library book to read. At least, that is what they did for me - delivered it to the table as I was reading my poetry magazine.

- Glenn Currier

Image: Blue Cow Coffee Company in library lobby area 

To the left is a photo of the lobby area where the Blue Cow Coffee company co-hosted the Poetry in Progress' first open mic event on March 15, 2011.

We hope to have similar events as well as informal poetry readings in this area in the future. Watch our website, for notifcations about these events.

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