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Open Mic Poetry Reading - March 15, 2011

The Open Mic Poetry Reading A Smashing Success

  • Held at and sponsored by the DeSoto Public Library and the Blue Cow Coffee Company
  • About 30 people attended, twelve of whom were poets who read one or more of their poems. Some poets had the time to read several of their poems and gave the audience a good feel for their style and poetic interests
  • There was a variety of people present who had different approaches to poetry in terms of form, subject matter and tone
  • Most important those present seemed to enjoy the poetry and the reading

Image: Elizabeth Hobbs reading poem

Elizabeth Hobbs reading her poem

In addition to the photos below, please visit a web album of the event, please go to the following webpage. If you do not see the photos, please click on "Learners Gallery:"

Image:  Dave Bates

Elizabeth Hobbs listening

Image: Micah Williams performing poem
Image: John Call reading poem

Image: Maraikay Dewberry

Image: Mrs. Bates

Image: Troy Johnson reading poem
Image: Rachel Johnson reading poem while holding baby
Image: Audience


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