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Image: Charlie Morgan

Charlie R. Morgan

Charlie R. Morgan spoke to Poetry In Progress on March 7, 2011. He shared several of his poems as well as his writing process. He answered many questions with verve. He was very supportive and understanding of our group's members.

Charlie Morgan is a poet and novelist, internationally known from his poetry posted on a poetry website, Pathetic.org - http://pathetic.org/library/5149. His poetry is rich with imagery and proceeds from a remarkable imagination and ability with word play.

According to the information accompanying his novel, See Through, Charlie is a native of East Texas and a product of the 1950s. His stories are about people from that era and area. He lives with his bride of more than 40 years, Pat, in Garland, Texas. His proudest creation, daughter Page lives with her husband much too far away. As you can see from the photo to the right, Charlie is also proud of his grandson who is mentioned in several of his poems.

You may see what a prolific poet Charlie is and find much of his poetry at http://pathetic.org/library/5149. In his poetry he turns the ordinary vicissitudes and vagaries of daily living into profound lessons and questions about life and the lifecycle.

Charlie was the first guest speaker for our newly created poetry group: Poetry in Progress at the March 7, 2011 meeting.

Poetry in Progress meets in the DeSoto Civic Center (Pecan Room I) on the first Monday of the month. Click here for information

Death of Charlie Morgan
Sadly, I must tell you that Charlie passed away the evening of April 1, 2013. Below is one of the last poems he posted on pathetic.org where he and I posted and commented on each other's poems for many years. It is prescient.

Charlie, you are already missed.
- Glenn Currier, Editor

i'm holding fast

by Charlie Morgan

nearing the apogee of the perigee of melife
makes me smile like i'm tickled by my favorite uncle;

the sidewalk preacherman told us He is coming
and soon too; and that no one knew the exact hour.

a balloon about to burst; and i wanna blow more.
a baby's cry heard in Heaven is speaking in tongues;

most misunderstood use of punctuation, a question mark;
lives forever without the answer to itself.

life is an omelet/waffle flipping contest;
one side tastes more like the other one.

once more i am an old man growing childish
in my daily hopes and dreams, even wishes.

no more bicycles, bb guns, gloves, girlfriends;
more days to want to see God's face, pull his beard;
makes sure He's real.

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