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Happy Thanksgiving from


Jim 'n Ruby
By Phoenix Poets

Gather 'round folks
While we spin you a story.
'Bout Ruby 'n Jim
In all of their glory.

They're big fans of poets,
And the poems they write.
When they come to our Phoenix,
They spread their delight!
[From Dave Bates]

You liked poetry so you came to hear our art
you listened and loved us and won our hearts
showed us how true long-lasting love looks -
an affection and spirit you can’t find in books.
[From Glenn Currier]

You say you haven’t trained him yet
I have to disagree and I bet
that in the future life will be more pleasant
As you move to a new residence.
[From Helen Currier]

Poetic stanzas which can touch each heart
Can also soothe when our relations part.
Remember us as we remember you
For poems warm our hearts the whole life through.
[From Ted Shaffer]

We are certainly going to miss you special twosome
Your sweet personas are so specially winsome
May God watch over you in your new home
Our prayers go with you wherever you roam.
[From Elizabeth Hobbs]

A friendship like none other
I'll never understand why
Enjoyed it while it lasted
But may be time to say goodbye.
[From Bobbie Williams]

What memories you have built over so many years,
some fraught with smiles, others with tears.
And ’tis true of all memories that love engenders —
what the mind forgets the heart remembers.
[From John Call]


Who we were
For four and a half years (November 2010 - August 2015) we met the first Monday of the month in the DeSoto Public Library or the Civic Center to and enjoy and share poetry together. Read more about us on our History Page.

Poetry in Progress Group Disbanded
Please click here to see information about the disbanding of the group.

Final dinner and gathering of Poetry in Progress group
6 p.m. Monday September 14, 2015 was the final gathering of the Poetry in Progress group which was officially disbanded August 3, 2015.

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