Joining Poetry in Progress


About Membership
Although we do not presently have an official membership and our group is small, there are several people who have participated in our meetings. They might properly be referred to as "participants", however, for the sake of language-ease, we refer to them as members.
Some of them have poems on this website and you will find these poets in our "Poets" section.

How to join the Poetry in Progress Group
It is really very simple. Just come to one of our meetings and sign in on the sign-in sheet.

How to be a poet on this website
To be a poet on this website and to have your poems posted here you must:

  1. Either be a member of the Poetry in Progress group or a "Friend of Poetry in Progress" by being recommended by a member of the group. Please contact the webmaster and President of Poetry in Progress for more information.
  2. Then you must submit a Poet Profile Form.


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