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Poetry in Progress  Meeting July 11, 2011 (first draft)

The next meeting (6-8pm Monday July 11th ) NOTICE - this is the second Monday father than the first - changed due to the first Monday falling on July 4th.

Meeting Information
Poetry in Progress Meeting Date/time: Monday June 11,   6-8pm
Location: DeSoto Public Library

Map and Directions to DeSoto Public Library
Agenda for July 11, 2011 meeting

Poetry reading and/or listening (You're not required to read a poem.)
- Bring two or three poems to read .  Either your poems or someone else's work
- Get supportive feedback on your poetry from attendees if you so desire

1. Beginning a "Youth Division" of our group
2. Wish List - other group goals
3. Plans for July "open mic poetry reading"
4. Need for more time, additional meetings, etc.
a. Having a committee or sub group of PIP to meet separately to discuss and process business issues for presentation to the group at our regular meetings
6. Other business

Second Poetry Reading Period (if time allows)

For more information, please call Glenn Currier, 972-965-3125.      

Please click here to see June 6, 2011 Meeting Minutes