January 10, 2011  Meeting Minutes - DeSoto poetry group

  • We decided to let each author make a decision on their own work the copies can be retrieved at the end of the meeting, or not passed out at all, totally at authors discretion.
  • We signed in there were 6 present.
  • Read individual work, and gave positive feed back.

  • Addressed business :
    1.        Jaunita Bowling will take notes, temporarily.
    2.        Name of group- No name was chosen although several were presented. A decision was made to include DeSoto in the name.
    3.        Room use- "The Spot" teen room will be used once a month, this was acceptable to all.
    4.        We all agreed to read, and learn about poetry.
      • Authors can decide, individually,  if they would like to hear feedback from others or not.
      • Any and all feedback must be requested, and short and sweet.
      • Before sharing the author could share a short explanation of how the poem came about.
    5. Meeting time was changed from 6:30 to 6:00.
    6. Sponsoring activities were discussed, specifically at the Blue Cow. Glenn will follow up on this with the owner, Kerry Knox.
    7. Announcement on Glenn's web site (www.toCreate.net) and the DeSoto Public Library website is acceptable.
    8. We would like to put a sign up on "The Spot" door, only on the night of our meetings.
    9. We discussed sending out invitations to other libraries, not sure how to proceed with this, possibly in the future.
    10. We also discussed  the  possibly of placing a sign on the entry hall of library, however,  this needs to be approved by Cindy.
    11. Poetry that is considered "explicit" is not allowed at our meetings. However, such poetry may be submitted for view on the web site www.toCreate.net.
    12. All decided that email addresses  were acceptable to place on the "To:" line.
    13. Possible guest speaker for any upcoming  meeting - Glenn to invite Charlie Morgan.

  • Shared more poetry

  • Adjourned
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