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About PIP poet (poet-contributor) status on this website
If you are listed on the poets page you are already a PIP Poet; if you are not, you can request PIP Poet status by completing the Poet Profile form.
This form acts as your request for PIP Poet status in addition to providing us information about you for your poet profile page.

Poems are posted individually by editor/owner
You cannot post your own poems on this website, they must be posted by the website editor/owner, Glenn Currier. This is a free website, however, to have a poem posted here you must complete a Poet Profile form. The editor will determine whether you will become a poet-contributor. You will know that you have been accepted as a PIP poet when you see your profile and poem on the website. Also the editor will probably contact you via email. The sample poem on the Poet Profile will be your first poem. All additional poems must be submitted on a Poem Submission Form. Also, if you have questions or concerns you can contact me via the Contact Form.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I can't post every poem sent to me nor allow a large quantity of poets to post here since I am a one man operation and must do all work "by hand," so to speak. No automatic database operating here. I try to keep it simple. I want this to be fun for me as well as to provide a service to the members and to the website visitors
     Look upon this site as a kind of gallery of your poems - a sampling of your work - not a complete compendium of it.
     I might ask you to give me instruction on "trimming" your "poems page" from time to time if it is getting too large (more than a dozen or so). I also invite you to rotate your poems by sending me instructions about which poems to delete and which ones to add via the contact form or via email if you know my email address. [I do not put my email address on the website to keep unwanted intruders outof my inbox.]

- Glenn Currier

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