Audio Recordings of Poems


About Audio Recordings
If you are a PIP Poet you may submit to the webmaster audio recordings of poems that are posted on your own Poems Page. To see examples of poets reading their poems and posting the sound recordings on this website, click on one of the poems in the left column of this page.

Follow these procedures to create and send to us a sound recording of your poem

  1. If you have not already done so, please complete the Poet Profile submission form.
  2. Before we can post the audio/sound file of your poem, we must post the text version. Please send it to us using the Poem submission form
  3. Make a recording that includes:
    1. The title of the poem
    2. The poem itsef
    3. OPTIONAL: Any explanatory or discriptive material as background to add color for the listener
  4. Save the recording on your computer giving it a filename.
  5. Please listen to your recording for quality and clarity of sound for the listener.
  6. Send the recording via the Contact Form to the webmaster, Glenn Currier, attaching the file of the sound recording.
    1. NOTE: We can use the following file types on our website: wav, mp3, wma
    2. Any other formats might not be able to be converted or inserted on your poem page.
    3. The sound recording of your poem will be saved on this website in your folder and a link to it will be inserted to the right of the text version of your poem title along with this small icon Image: speaker icon 18w
  7. Please be patient, some of the above procedures on our end can take a while to complete.

Please contact the webmaster, Glenn Currier, on the contact form on this website.

Explanation and Instructions to make a sound recording on a Windows-based computer.

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