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This page features poems submitted by individuals who are not members of the Poetry in Progress group nor formally "friends" of Poetry in Progress and therefore do not fit the normal Guidelines for Submission and Acceptance of Poems on PoetryInProgress.net. However, in the editor's judement, these poems have particular merit or make a special contribution to these pages.

Glenn Currier
Editor of PoetryInProgress.net

by Thomas K. Hunt

Years of changing faces
Given eyes tell the truth
Aged lines leave subtle traces
Still, born of just one root

Fathers build and mothers smile
Bear their fruit to drop their seeds
Within us all lives a child
In soil rich beneath the weeds

The torch we pass is everlasting
Red embers of bloodline names
Many molds from just one casting
Each one different but yet the same

Still the foe of time fights against us
Always the victor in the field
Though we struggle with mighty vengeance
We suffer a wound that never heals

Faces change to granite markers
Fleeting memories of what we were
Photographs in old footlockers
Become unfocused, faded, and blurred

Like the horizon steals the sunset
The ages rob our life of time
Yet like the sunrise in the morning
Another life is born from mine

Immortality does exist
Survived with each new fertile womb
Natures own enduring seed
Again will flower, again will bloom

Numbing the Electric Night (a nocturne)
By Bud Glory

I love explosive, TNT-like thunder,
Dimension-ripping streaks of deadly lightning
That nerve the volted arm-hairs to alerted height'ning,
The wrathful rage that threatens blasts asunder,
The awing, awesome power of nature's wonder
That electrifies the night to day-like brightness:
Those still frame moment-shocks of watted lightness.
And so it was for me a foolish blunder
To drink enough to dull my senses numb,
And hear those thunderous tones as wrapped in felt,
Reverbing rumbles softened to a hum;
And pummeling rains, that blunt pound pelt by pelt,
Bemuffled to a pattered, drizzled piddle;
And then to pass out, hammered, in the middle…

"Numbing the Electric Night (a nocturne)," Copyright © 2013 by Bud Glory
Posted April 13, 2013

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