Policies to Become a Guest Poet on PoetryInProgress.net


Guest Poets: If you are not a member or a "Friend" of Poetry in Progress, and if your poem(s) have particular merit or seem especially appropriate for publication here, you might be accepted as a Guest Poet on this website with the consent of the editor.

Please complete the Poet Profile Form including the required "Guest Poet Requests" section:

    • The Guest Poets section of the online form asks for the following:
      1. A brief paragraph about why you wish to be a Guest Poet on the site
      2. A description of something about yourself containing information like where you reside, or other background information that might be of interest to our readers
    • Guest poets will have greater limitations on the number of poems posted than members of the website.

Poet Profile Form [Must be completed to become a Guest Poet]

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