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Dedication: This page is meant to give United States Military Veterans a place to have their poetic voices heard. It is dedicated to honoring Veterans and the experiences they have had in service to our nation.

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Happy Veterans Day, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day
By James Brown

We were our nation's soldiers then,
Some served her far at sea,
The cost of peace was charged again,
For freedom is not free.

Our nation's fought these many wars,
With those who tried in vain,
We've paid the price with blood and tears,
That they could not attain.

Our time of war came once or twice
While some served more than that,
And proud that like her bodyguards,
Were ready for combat.

It is enough for most of us
To know that we were there,
And stood up in the line of fire
So despots would not dare.

We've had our share of honor folks,
And lost some friends to boot,
But knowing what it could have been
Is quite enough salute.

James Brown
W.W.II /Korea

"Veterans Day," Copyright c 2013 by James Brown

Editor's Note: James Brown was an Aircraft Carrier Pilot in World War II and Korea

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By James Brown

By Russel Robison

Inside that place where pain is wrought
I learned a truth I'd never sought
And to their alter I still kneel
The one called 'sacrifice so real'

I learned too much, or so I'm told
It touched my soul with such a cold
The nature of the beast it's said
As we stood there among the dead

Too many know that angry way
And see those things that always stay
A quiet truth so deeply burned
That sorrow comes, with knowledge learned

"Sorrow," Copyright © 2013 by Russel Robison
Posted April 15, 2013

By Russel Robison

Troubled are these eyes that see
A world of inhumanity
So distant now, do we remain
Unworthy still of His domain

How much further, till we learn
The time has come for us to turn
And face the storm and say 'no more'
It's time to end this thing called war

I dream of things that are not so
I dream of things I'll never know
We don't belong among the stars
Until we learn to heal the scars

"Scars," Copyright © 2013 by Russel Robison
Posted April 15, 2013

By Russel Robison

They never speak about the ones
Whose chairs have wheels instead
They never speak about the ones
Still lost inside their head

They never speak about the ones
They keep far from our sight
They don't want us reminded
Of the cost for those who fight

They never speak about the ones
Who struggle to sustain
Deserving far much better
As they still endure the pain

Their silence is the worst of all
For they don't want to see
What happens to the ones who pay
The price for liberty

"Speechless," Copyright © 2013 by Russel Robison
Posted April 15, 2013

The Circle Rules
By Russell Robison

A whisper came reminding
Of a truth from long before
That we can't comprehend at all
That no one wins in war

The battles rage and then they cease
But still the circle rules
And once again the fighting starts
For this poor ship of fools

Its time the world surrendered up
The past and all its wrong
For that is what's required
If we want to sing our song

"The Circle Rules," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted April 13, 2013

That Night
By Russell Robison

We held on all thru the night
And prayed that we would be alright
Decisions made so far away
Had brought us here to face this day

And there the struggle grew in pain
To reach a frenzy none sustain
The battle raged without a soul
And on that night I lost control

As fear and anger, turned to hate
The madness still did escalate
Brave men dying on each side
Cried out to God, and not their pride

And I will always have that sight
As we fought and died that night
I still hear my dying friends
Trapped in that dream that never ends

Tomorrows hope, a dream alas
But through that door we all must pass
Each moment found, a life anew
The path behind we can't undo

The road we walked the same for all
Who saw the need, and heard the call
We held the line don't misconstrue
Lost in the land of Delta Blue

"That Night," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

Field of Tears
By Russell Robison

Alone upon the battlefield
Alone with all the dead
Recalling all the words of steel
And what those words had said

No more a young man was he
No more a dreamer still
For he had met the real world
And he'd learned to fight and kill

His eyes brought only sorrow
His heart ached with the price
As he surveyed this field of anger
Filled with sacrifice

And so he wept there quietly
For all that each side lost
He stood there in its silence
Seeing what this day had cost

Much more than simply dying
Much more than just a fight
Before him lay the madness now
How could such wrong be right

"Field of Tears," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

On Silvered Wings
By: Dave Bates

On silvered wings of memory
The gallant warriors came.
From Normandy to Tokyo,
They'd earned undying fame.

From Anzio to Saipan,
They'd fought through death strewn skies,
I watched them as they touched down,
Through proud and tear filled eyes.

Their crews, our gallant brothers,
Though head and chin be grey.
We're guardians of their legacy,
Down to this very day.

Vietnam GI
By David B. Bates

I am a loyal nephew
of my favorite uncle, Sam.
But he slipped it to me sideways

So I'm here in Vietnam

The natives are unfriendly.
The climate comes from hell.
There's forces here t'would get you.
Of these, I'm here to tell.

There's "Charlie" in the bushes,
There's rot, and crud, and snakes.
If a fellow stopped to dwell on these,
He'd surely get the shakes.

So I do my duty careful.
No smile adorns my face,
Till my DEROS* comes upon me
And I leave this f---ing place!

DEROS Date Estimate Return from OverSeas

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