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In Honor of Veterans on Day - November 11, 2016

I am pleased to post in this space of honor, a few poems by PIP Poets who are veterans. We remember with fondness Russell Robison, may he rest in peace, who served in Vietnam and published several books of poems, most of which relate to his and other's service. We are especially proud of our dear friends and fellow poets, Dave Bates and James Brown who grace us and all those who browse this site with their poetic gifts. Please take a moment to read their poems.

Finally, please see the special section of this website where we have posted veterans' poems.

      - Glenn Currier, Editor

Simply Remember
By James Kenneth Blaylock

today we honor those courageous men and women who gave us all...

no matter what's going on elsewhere
nor even our own home-front lawns...

instead let's focus upon bravery and victory and loving this free country...

because everybody owes a great deal of gratitude to these willing soldiers...

so, let's try for just once to forget our selfish motives and simply remember

Thank you one and all for your service. Be blessed!

"Simply Remember," Copyright © 2016 by James Kenneth Blaylock
Written November 11, 2016
Posted November 17, 2016

Joyous Return
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Special time brought waves of delight
As this very special man came into her sight
Times of long waiting disappeared
as her Father rushed toward her and re-appeared
Home at last from dangers afar
as he enfolded his family and his little Star.

"Joyous Return, Copyright © 2016 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted November 13, 2016

It's Him
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Not all occasions are happy, Not all occasions are glad
but once in a while there does occur one that makes up for all the sad
Sweet little bright face so full of Joy,
why it's Daddy's Bouncing Baby Boy
What is the source of this jubilation?
Daddy's home from war, happy celebration!!!

"It's Him," Copyright © 2016 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted November 13, 2016


Veterans Day
By James Brown
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We were our nation's soldiers then,
Some served her far at sea,
The cost of peace was charged again,
For freedom is not free.

Our nation's fought these many wars,
With those who tried in vain,
We've paid the price with blood and tears,
That they could not attain.

Our time of war came once or twice
While some served more than that,
And proud that like her bodyguards,
Were ready for combat.

It is enough for most of us
To know that we were there,
And stood up in the line of fire
So despots would not dare.

We've had our share of honor folks,
And lost some friends to boot,
But knowing what it could have been
Is quite enough salute.

James Brown
W.W.II /Korea

"Veterans Day," Copyright c 2013 by James Brown

On Silvered Wings
By: Dave Bates
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On silvered wings of memory
The gallant warriors came.
From Normandy to Tokyo,
They'd earned undying fame.

From Anzio to Saipan,
They'd fought through death strewn skies,
I watched them as they touched down,
Through proud and tear filled eyes.

Their crews, our gallant brothers,
Though head and chin be grey.
We're guardians of their legacy,
Down to this very day.

Vietnam GI
By David B. Bates

I am a loyal nephew
of my favorite uncle, Sam.
But he slipped it to me sideways

So I'm here in Vietnam

The natives are unfriendly.
The climate comes from hell.
There's forces here t'would get you.
Of these, I'm here to tell.

There's "Charlie" in the bushes,
There's rot, and crud, and snakes.
If a fellow stopped to dwell on these,
He'd surely get the shakes.

So I do my duty careful.
No smile adorns my face,
Till my DEROS* comes upon me
And I leave this f---ing place!

*DEROS Date Estimate Return from OverSeas

Editor's Note: To see David B. Bates' other Vietnam poems, please click here.

By Russell Robison
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Inside that place where pain is wrought
I learned a truth I'd never sought
And to their alter I still kneel
The one called 'sacrifice so real'

I learned too much, or so I'm told
It touched my soul with such a cold
The nature of the beast it's said
As we stood there among the dead

Too many know that angry way
And see those things that always stay
A quiet truth so deeply burned
That sorrow comes, with knowledge learned

"Sorrow," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted April 15, 2013


About this Section
This section honors our military, active duty and veterans by giving them a place where we can hear their poetic voices.

See Poems of Veterans

From the Editor: Why a special section?
Poetry is a creative means of healing and expression for many veterans. Because of the pain and suffering endured by soldiers in United States Military during and after their service to their country, I think it is important to give them a forum to express themselves, their thoughts, feelings and sentiments.

Some of the members of our group, Poetry in Progress, are veterans and I have been struck by the strength and poignancy in their poems and the depth of emotion and determination in their voices. I have a special place in my heart for Vietnam veterans since during my teaching career in community colleges I had many vets as students. I heard their stories of how they were treated upon their return to their country, often with derision and even hatred. This is our way of expressing gratitude to our military men and women serving our nation with honor, valor and dedication.

Thanks to Dave Bates for his help in composing the above.

Glenn Currier
- Editor and owner of

How to publish on these pages
Unfortunately because of time, labor, and skill-set limitations of this one man operation, I must limit the number of entries I post here. Therefore I will follow these guideliness to the best of my ability:

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  3. Content: It is preferred that the content of poems reflect the military experience either of the poet or one of their friends or loved ones.

Please don't let these guidelines scare you off. We are interested in your work.

- Glenn Currier


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