About Collaborations
This page is for poems that are collaborations between two or more poets in our group, Poetry in Progress.

Two poems, one a response to the other:
"Anatefka" by Ted Shaffer
"A Response to the Poem, 'Anatefka' " by John Call

Jeckyll & Hyde
By Elizabeth Hobbs and Glenn Currier

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
scared me into staying inside
a fiction in film and book
what was the story's hook?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
very different side by side
One is such a sweet old thang
The other is mean as rain

The hook, there's a bit in me & you
which makes us do the things we do
Even Apostle Paul in all his glory
recites his dilemma and what a story

Romans 7:19 will give you a peek
and maybe answers that we seek
we do the bad we do not wish
instead of veggies the dish delish.

The Jeckyll in us is gentle and kind
the Hyde wants to kick the saint's behind
Now lets decide which be you, which be I
I be sweet Dr. Jeckyll, you be that Hyde guy!

Authors' note: This is a collaborated poem written by Elizabeth Hobbs & Glenn Currier read at our February 6, 2012 meeting. Let it be known that Elizabeth Hobbs claims to be the sweet Dr. Jeckyll. Entering information above while filling out this indicates a problem with my e-mail address. I do not see one.

Image: Fall foliage

Golden Years
By Helen Currier and Glenn Currier

Here's to the leaves in their golden years
cheering brightest when it appears
they will lose it all.
With such grace they fall into fall.

Posted 11-18-2011
"Golden Years" Copyright © 2011 by Helen Currier and Glenn Currier

It's LUV
By Rochelle Rhodes and Elizabeth Hobbs

Image: Poem - It's LUV

Take Time [Poem in Collaboration]
By Elizabeth Hobbs, Bobbie Williams and Beverly Wittman

Sunsets are so beautiful
so awesome to behold
It can fill your heart
and saturate your soul

Take time, pause, contemplate
before your day unfolds
inspire your heart to meditate
before you grow old and cold

The Teacher [Poem in Collaboration]
By Elizabeth Hobbs and Glenn Currier

The gift of knowledge
is a gift indeed
Its like a garden
You've planted a seed

and as this garden
begins to grow
all your efforts
will begin to show

Being a Teacher is who
I am, I guess,
helping folks make
a little progress

Its fun to watch them learn
a reward to which is my return

Clouds on the Brink
By Elizabeth Hobbs and Glenn Currier

Clouds drift bowing low
    as if to drink

Birds escorting them
     to shore-line's brink

Sea sounds wave in
     bubbly spray

So dawns the perfect day

Authors' Note: This poem was a long-distance collaboration created via text messages while the two authors were actually on vacation in different cities and states.

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