Why to NOT write poetry... a list of excuses


What is the source of your resistance?
There are probably a thousand reasons to avoid writing poems. Here are few I have heard and a few I have used. I think most of them come down to one word: FEAR. I say: Feel the fear and write anyway. Write about the fear. Write about the reason listed below that most applies to you right now. Write now.

One of the sayings that has helped me write (or to do anything I am resisting) is: "The best way to get something done, is to begin."

What is the source or your resistance? We often say things to ourselves that keep us from writing. Which of the following "self talk" keeps you from writing poetry? My most frequently used one is the first.
- Glenn Currier

  1. Compared to ____ my poems are: terrible, bad, less-than, dumb... etc.
  2. My poems are too dark and sad.
  3. I'm just an amateur.
  4. I am in a dry period.
  5. Someone told me I couldn't write.
  6. I'm too cynical.
  7. I'm not good enough.
  8. People think I am so creative, but...
  9. I don't want to look foolish.
  10. My poems seem silly.
  11. I am supposed to be a better writer than I really am.
  12. I don't want people to know how messed up I am.
  13. I will never be a Poe, a Hughes, a Collins, an Angelou, or a ________.
  14. I am not a poet.
  15. I used to write poems when I was young but haven't written any in years.
  16. Writing poems is for the young.
  17. Writing poems is for older more experienced people.
  18. I have a hard time saying what I want to say.
  19. My grammar isn't good.
  20. I didn't do well in English class.
  21. I am not a creative person.
  22. My spouse (brother, sister, etc.) is the poet in our family.
  23. I have difficulty making rhymes and poems are supposed to rhyme.
  24. I only write rhyming poems.
  25. I'm not good with words.
  26. My poems are stupid.
  27. I can't bear the thought of someone criticizing my poems.

What now?
Now, list one thing that will make it easier for you to write a poem, and use that as your reason to begin.

Send me your favorite reasons (excuses):

  1. to NOT write poetry
  2. to WRITE poetry

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Your inner poet
Finally... I believe there is a poet if not a Poe or Angelou in all of us.
- Glenn Currier

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