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What are Poetry Posts?
"Poetry posts, also called poetry poles or poetry boxes, are wooden constructions similar to a mailbox. They are built along a sidewalk where a clear plastic or glass window on a small box is open to a poem posted inside."
- From OregonLive.com

I first found out about poetry posts from my sister who lives in Portland, Oregon. There are many poetry posts located throughout the city. There is much interest in poetry in Portland as evidenced by the Poetry in Motion program there. The Poetry in Motion effort is also in other cities in the U.S.

I am wondering if we might get such an effort started in the communities from which we draw our members, DeSoto, Lancaster, Duncanville, Midlothian, etc.

Please contact me Glenn Currier, editor of PoetryInProgress.net if you are interested in pursuing this idea in your community. Use the Contact Form to contact me.

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