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Yardside Poems Project
A pet project of Glenn Currier, owner of this website and president of Poetry in Progress is yardsign poems. He got the idea from his sister who lives in Portland, Oregon. She told him about the Poetry Posts there. In her walks in her neighborhood, by the sidewalks of some homes, she saw these posts that had copies of poems that people could read or take with them on their walks.

Image: Yardsign 1

Currier knew that there was little walking traffic in his suburban neighborhood. But behind his home was an alley where people mostly drove by slowly. So he had the idea of posting signs with poems next to the alley. He thought this might be a good way to give people a little lift to and from work. Just a momentary pause for something artistic might be just what it would take to get people's day started well.

He changes the signs periodically and he and his across-the-alley neighbor have noticed several cars slowing to read the poems. In addition, the DeSoto Public Library director, Lucile Dade, told Currier that she was in a meeting at city hall where the topic was "building a sense of community." And upon mentioning the group, Poetry in Progress as an example, one of the participants told of her experience of driving down her alley and seeing a yardsign with the group's logo/banner on it.

Currier always places the group's logo/banner on his yardsign poems.

It is his hope that others will take up the cause and begin posting their own yardsign poems. If you are interested, please contact Glenn Currier via the Contact Form.

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