Significant Soul's Poems


By Significant Soul

People Have Connections , But I'm A Network Running about
But The Struggle of Life Makes Me Clean the House

Worked On My Ideas more than Nasa's Missile
The Picture Is Set , But I Cannot Find my Bristle

I Pray To the Most High For Joy And Patience
And Also Propel My Society For Greatness

I Want To Help The World , But The House Is A Mess
A Mind Cannot Not Work If It Only Can Obsess

But I Learned Everyone Has An Issue
I'm Not perfect , So I Have A Swiffer And A Puffs Tissue

Before I Continue , The Words Out My Mouth
I Need To Prioritize And Clean Out My House

Posted January 7, 2012
"Sweeped," Copyright © 2012 by Significant Soul

Author's note:
I Am 12 years old. Just trying To promote Positiveness. God Bless

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