James Kenneth Blaylock's Poems


Yearly Love Affair
By James Kenneth Blaylock

Fall, I'm always falling for you, it's
a yearly love affair that's got me
forever wishing to see your beauty

I'm transfixed, with engaging thoughts
of whispering into your easy breezy ears
"don't leave me, yet again, sweetness...."

"Yearly Love Affair," Copyright © 2017 by James Kenneth Blaylock
Written 10-26-17

Siphoning of the Leeches
By James Kenneth Blaylock

yesterday was congested with what
seemed all of life's many necessities

it appeared time was not of the fleeting kind, at the moment, as we were so easily amused

entertainers knew how to get us, to engross and titillate, with mass amounts of celluloid

but sooner or later age kicked in and we had to whittle those things away like rotten wood

now we can see the son more gloriously without all the siphoning of the leeches...

"Siphoning of the Leeches," Copyright © 2017 by James Kenneth Blaylock


IMage: Homeless man

Image: Born With Our Clocks Running

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The Empty Ones
By james kenneth blaylock

what has happened to humanity,
whereas we used to have hearts

we now have hefty voids within our
souls - bleeding blackened blights...

passing people in need does very
little to our brittle bones, lonely

staring into their eyes it's easiest
to see that we're the empty ones

"The Empty Ones," Copyright 2017 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 5-6-17

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Editor's Note: This poem was written in response to Poetic Prompt # 28, to write a poem inspired by the photo above.

By James Kenneth Blaylock

I was not trying to be ubtuse in any way, shape or fashion whenever I saw that tired look within your weary eyes
because you had been known to fight hard, and win, most battles you have thundered up against, warring scars
but, I shoulda knew that something different were afoot here, somehow, whereas the sparks seemed lesser
unwittingly your feet slowly danced between two worlds, and one side would be destined to see victory...

forgive me, Dad

"Obtuse," Copyright © 2017 by James Kenneth Blaylock
Written January 13, 2017

By James Kenneth Blaylock

once, I was a very unlearnt boy
just wandering through life's monotony
I forsook every good thing all around me,
even the gorgeous arrangements
long story short, I was far from peaceful,
or anything of that ilk...

as I was oafish and standoffish
and more than slightly boorish
until, finally, I happened along
to His wonderful and beautifying threshold

"Thresholds," Copyright © 2016 by James K. Blaylock
Posted November 16, 2016

Toot Sweet
By James Kenneth Blaylock

Come hither to see the rotation drop
come witness as the dizziness stops
never mind our lofty kind intentions
cause we're not too good at inventing

instead lets focus upon the coldness
and/or the hotness, ever stirring up...
not any reason for loving nor hating
as dread holds folks minds, very tight
time tells the world it's last goodnight

so lift your emptying cup, toot sweet,
pondering if it'll be somewhat discreet

Author's Note: Inspired by the poem, Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.

"Toot Sweet," Copyright © 2016 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 10-13-16
Posted October 21, 2016

Editor's Note: This poem was written in response to Poetic Prompt # 23

Less a Hawk
By james kenneth blaylock

big fat black birds in our
yard, right before the rain,

both earnestly seeking
the earliest of worms...

their sleek beaks ache
to taste those lifeforms

just maybe the day will
be on their greedy side

helping them to find
everything hiding...

but sometimes it's so
hard being less a hawk

"Less a Hawk," Copyright c 2016 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 4-11-15
Posted 4-25-16

The Worst Part Is
By james kenneth blaylock

late last night you heard
your back door open up,

but the worst part is you
had given away the keys

handing them on over
to your biggest enemy

and as if that weren't bad
enough, this guy threatens

to do more than to sneak in
nor to just scare everybody...

his aims are far beyond sinister
and he never even lied about it

in fact he flaunts the pain he
bring upon a barb-wire string

but the question still remains -
why would anyone help him?

it seems our natures seek to
find any beacon to embrace

yet it will be us bleeding
before those frights end

although we can reclaim our
tortured souls, on our knees

"The Worst Part Is," Copyright © 2016 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 3-27-16
Posted 4-25-16

Image: Dark Woods - https://www.flickr.com/photos/iblinkch/

Breath of Oxygen
By James Kenneth Blaylock

lost out in stark darkness of the woodlands
she fearfully takes a brief breath of oxygen,

the overwhelming urge to scream taunted
her otherwise sane psyche - she sweated

where was she and how had she gotten to
being here, nothing was at all recognizable

but soon the earth began to rumble under
her already shaky feet, her heart trembled

something strange was digging itself upwards,
this pierced her every hot pulsating emotions

then she realized that what were happening
there before her unblinking eye sockets was

in fact, old cold decaying bones rising toward
the shine of the midnight hour's summoning...

the fleshless ones appeared to see her upon
exiting their tomb of roots, sorrow, dirt, rot

they gathered together within a filthy huddle
before hard charging unto her solo direction

they moved so effortlessly as a football team
teeming across a fan cheered overkill victory

there was nowhere for her to go, nor escape
but right then the alarm clock buzzed a door

"Breath of Oxygen," Copyright © 2015 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 10-11-15 Posted 10- 27-15

Editor's Note: The above poem is a response to the editor's request for Halloween poems. Thanks James. This is a goodie. You had me hooked from the beginning. I was putting an anchor on your poem and noticed that the first letter of the title words is: boo! Cool man.

Image: Praying Mantis

By James Kenneth Blaylock

with his arched arms
he lifts high a prayer,

watching the old world
through plain cold view

chasing prey though-out
so many temperate days

longing for sexy caresses,
but not losing one's head

Editor's Note: This poem was written in response to Poetic Prompt # 11

"Mantis," Copyright © 2015 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 8-27-15

Razor-Sharp Night
by james kenneth blaylock

one very dank night as razors
fell hard from the purple skies,

the city below was bathed in
sorrow and free flowing pain

god forbid they look up lest
everyone of them witness...

so instead they continued lying
to themselves, and each other

pretending happiness was theirs
by way of perfect purchase, grin

but regardless the lies lie heavily
atop our bloodstained shoulders

perhaps, swallowing a bit of truth
might untwist the tight falsehood

"Razon-Sharp Night Copyright © 2015 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 8-9-15

by james kenneth blaylock

I'm not really jealous, per say, but this
little brother here's truly bothering me,

he's cute, and sweet, and kind, and cool,
what happened to all my attention, I ask

because this child's surely stealing every
bit of my worthwhile audience thunder...

why did he have to be the stinking apple
of so many doting people's simple eyes?

"Doting," Copyright © 2015 by james kenneth blaylock
Date written 8-6-15

Honest Pathfinder
by james kenneth blaylock

not everyone's going to get it, yep, some may even chose other
routes in which they'll traverse, caring nothing for better plans;

cause as humans we chase selfishness, we conjure our own problems,
most often, instead of being fishers of men, we claim worldly shames

therefore, bitterness rightfully sets rotten roots therein our burning little souls,
and still the haunting thoughts of forsakenness carry on torturing us wrathfully

but come some painful point, you'd think, something would truly jog old memories -
mainly since none of us were born to be hapless fools without tools to conquer ills...

so, sometimes we have to mount up our battle armor, and axes, and assenting faithfulness,
henceforth we're covered within the loving blood of our honest pathfinder, no more shams

what else could anyone ask for, besides a blotting out of their many monstrous and violent actions;
it seems tears of gratefulness are indeed in order as the master of everything has granted reprieve

"Honest Pathfinder," Copyright © 2014 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 11-17-14
Posted November 30, 2014

by james kenneth blaylock

I wonder, why, some of life's biggest
problems are so hard to see, close up

perhaps, we should think of other ways to make
things somehow clearer, couldn't hurt too much...

but, many of us, are filled with hearty delusions -
not even the best man-made-micoscope, mirrors

instead, we wander around within maze mindsets;
it appears we get lost in technology, kaleidoscope

"Kaleidoscope," Copyright © 2014 by James Kenneth Blaylock
Posted October 24, 2014

The Lost Brethren
by james kenneth blaylock

I was born after many wars
but still before many others,

the echoes of the mass fallen
screamed out as time will recall

theirs was a world torn by all of the sad machine guns
with streams of hot bullets that filled those lonely nights

one by one the taken were again re-claimed, while the other side's soldiers
were soon crushed by raining hell fire - as it gave birth unto the new darkness

now, we have the happenings in our history books, although, they'd never forgotten one single
second, but those marble stones - for the lost brethren - still shone; under the sun's burning light

"The Lost Brethren," Copyright © 2013 by james kenneth blaylock

Dragged Back into Light
by james kenneth blaylock

snipped were my little wings
whenever you had found me,

and, yes, you'd promised to repair
whatever harm had so happened...

but not even you could erase away
every ounce of the blind bitterness

though you never did gave up on hope -
therefore I was dragged back into light

"Dragged Back into Light," Copyright © 2013 by james kenneth blaylock

Down by the Water (Sailing Hearts)
By: James K. Blaylock

Down by the Water (Sailing Hearts)walking hand in hand,

talking upon the sand

wandering towards the cool water -

wondering if they will stay together

this is the plan, they understand,

togetherness is what's wanted

but is time on their side;

alas, soon they'll confide


© Copyright 2011 James Kenneth Blaylock

Cute Chameleons
By James Kenneth Blaylock

together, as time stood
between us, we waited,

we wanted for everything to
begin changing, as waves do...

but secretly, we knew, that not
much morphs, but chameleons -

they simply swap colors
for a short amount of time

but in the end they're simply just
the same old creatures and habits


test me, I'm so use to being

toyed with about my knowing,

ask your questions and find my answers;

be they pure genius or merely mundane...

I never claimed Einstein, nor any other

human, as the fuel for my brains' power,

it's simply live and learn or learning to try living

but never losing all my hope and sadly dying

in the store I spotted you, all alone
and whispering your secrets unto me.

so, of course, I was forced to bring you home
and together we'd wander through my front door

I did all of the heavy work whilst you just had a heyday,
jumping up and down for joy within your grocery bag, smiling

but shortly thereafter, I'm sad to say, the party will be over as my hunger will have
rightfully kicked in. sorry, you only ever got to see the kitchen before meeting my guts

I lie still, under the darkened skies
and share the weeds with the crickets,

we speak with our eyes of the beauty of stars and we'll drink of the Milky Way's cosmic charm,

I could sleep here you know, I whispered low, but this idea doesn't sit well with the wilderness

it's clear that most forms
of life and happiness have
bled through the void cracks,

they were no longer sought
by any of the dry limp bodies
that had fallen into the streets,

sooo, now was a time of reflection,
for lack of better words - alone time

seeing the clouds in the sky was now
a luxary of sorts, and I took it as would you a heart-attack... but without the fear!

soon enough darkness would surely befall and by that point I needed the comforts of a cave, a farm, a foodmart or a mausoleum

because even being alone has its many burdens as sometimes ghosts of our past come-a-haunting with their crooked limbs, chalky teeth and jealousy

© Copyright: James Blaylock 2011

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