James Kenneth Blaylock

Image: James Blaylock with children

James Blaylock's Profile

James Kenneth Blaylock is a Christian writer/author/poet/lyricist /spoken word & recording artist. He was born and raised in Dallas, TX., but calls Tyler home these days. He has had one book "Born With Our Clocks Running" published, thus far. His second book "We Wander with our Candles Lit"is in the works now. His writings are all saturated in God's word, even if they don't always offer everything wrapped in a pretty pink bow... as that wouldn't be true to life, nor the Gospel. He chooses to offer help and hope through holy wisdom. Anyone can stretch a lie.

Here's the link to the page where you can buy James' book, Born With Our Clocks Running [see book cover below]

Also listen to James' Audio Recordings on Reverbnation.com - 8 Up Records

James Blaylock's Poems

James has written a book, please support our poets' works

Image: Born With Our Clocks Running

Click here to see the book or to buy it

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