Harold Boswell's Poems


Roses and Romance
By: Harold Boswell

Roses bloom in Picardy all over the fences
and down the lane and over the hill.
You are the rose of my heart. I love you and
you love me, what a wonderful thrill.

Roses bloom where there is love. Roses and love,
love - love and roses what a wonderful world.
Stop and tarry, take time to smell the roses,
the lovely roses. Watch a miracle unfurl.

How better can time be spent than to admire one
of God's most beautiful creations, a lovely rose.
We reach through thorns to kiss a rose as sometimes
we endure the trials of life, to find love and repose.

A beautiful sight a bouquet of roses whose sweet per-
fume fills the room, a collection of petals and leaves
on a stem of life. Tis a beautiful reminder of days and
nights gone by, a precious touch- so cherry and bright.

All bundled and arranged, the many eyes of love, mine,
yours, all fortunate to be included, sends a mind reeling.
Finding love, a true love, where hearts and promises of
a special life to come has its very own special feeling.

Though heartaches may come you must enjoy life while
you may. As a rose may lose its beauty, wilt and die,
a love not nurtured unappreciated unreturned and alone
will wane and wither as in the twinkling of an eye

On cold and lonely nights when stars are sleeping, hearts
break and dark clouds appear. an omen of tnhings to come,
unclaimed ecstasies, yet unfulfilled, will be all to clear.

Wilted roses lose their beauty, romances go astray,
the end of two of God's great creations.

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