Victor Bowling's Poems


Victor Bowling's Poems

The Foolish Pride of Taylor McBride
by Victor Bowling

Taylor McBride was prideful inside,
As he walked unto the scene.
Many a more stood up and roared,
For this was a courageous thing.
He fought the bull, and his tail he did pull,
to prove he was the man.
Why he taunted the beast, not scared in the least,
just to prove that he sure can.

The bull his eyes were black as coal
with anger so deep you could watch them roll,
and you new any minute he'd take his toll,
but Taylor McBride was a lucky soul.

Then Taylor threw rocks at the bull as he mocked,
just to aggravate him more.
And with his first pass ,the crowd all gasped,
for the shirt of old Taylor got tore.
But Taylor McBride was pride full in side,
and would teach him a lesson that day.
He stood up and swore, he could touch him no more,
and the beastey why he's gonna pay.

On the bandstand was the girl of that
mans. With tears in her eyes, and a rose in
her hand.
That's my man she screamed to the
stands. And she cried out load while
waving her fan. That's my man the bravest
man in all the land.!

Now the bull it did come like a charging gun,
And the crowd screamed out 01'y.
And McBride stepped aside with a gleam in his eye,
so the bull he wants to play.
While pulling his sword, he side stepped him more,
and screamed ,now it's time for you to die.
With the gleam in his eye, and a grunt and a sigh,
he planted that sword in his side.

The crowd screamed ol'y, for they didn't see,
that brave McBride was on one knee .
He had gotten slashed by a mighty horn.,
and a silence broke over the crowd.

As the bull came around and bowed his head down,
the crowd was no longer loud.
As he charged in ,with a evilish grin,
His Girly screamed out from the stand,
Oh surely no don't let this be, don't let him kill my man.
And as she screamed the bloodiest scream,
that rang throughout the stand
the bull charged in, as in payment for sin
and McBride stared at her and she starred at him,
and a moment later on his horn he was pinned,
and for prideful McBride it was now the end.
Was the bulls turn to strut ,and strutting he did,
with McBride on his horn and that evilish grin.

In a moment of silence the crowd stared a while ,
then they cheered for the bull with their devilish smiles.
But after a while the bull up and died,
and the crowd went away, but not McBride's bride.
She was down in the pit by McBride's side.
Then she cried and she cried and she cried till she died.

"The Foolish Pride of Taylor McBride," Copyright © 2012 by Victor Bowling
Posted May 8, 2012


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