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Image: James Brown with Jimmy Carter

I was in W.W.II as a Navy night-fighter pilot on aircraft carriers. Then as a civilian life insurance salesman between the wars. I was recalled as a night-fighter pilot during Korea when I was in combat again. Returning to civil life I resumed my career in the life insurance business as a CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) while still flying in the Ready Reserve to ultimately become the commanding officer of a jet fighter squadron.

My avocation is a portrait artist, yet not for hire as the stress is unwelcome. I have a sketch of Jimmy Carter Library in Atlanta of him and another of Gerard Ford in the Betty Ford home. Shown here is one of my most recent paintings and am currently finishing another of Charles Lindbergh.

Poetry is another part of my fun life. Frankly, most of my poor efforts in writing them are limericks, nursery rhymes, Sonnets (for the birth of my great-grand children), and whatever mode or mood strikes me. However, I do not care for the sad ones. Many of us have seen and have been affected too much of that.

   Portrait of George Washington by James Brown

James Brown's Poems

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