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About Me
I love poetry. It has been a major source of enjoyment and inspiration for me throughout my life, but especially since 2001 when I started writing poetry again after a long time away from it. In the past I published most of my poems, a website where amateur poets can post their work and receive feedback from other members. I do not post on that website much anymore, but still love it and appreciate the owners and participants for the service they provide to amateur poets..

I am a retired college professor and have been married since 1969 to Helen Elizabeth Currier. We live in DeSoto, Texas (near Dallas) with our two cats. We live on a lot with about 15 trees, a bird feeder, wind chimes, and loads of plants that are lovingly cared for by Helen.

I created and maintain this website - - using the Dreamweaver CS5 software program. Working on the website is a great creative outlet for me and provides a service to our poetry group, Poetry in Progress, to our local community, and to poets and others who enjoy poetry.

I have not been able to get motivated to publish a collection of my poems, however, I intend to place many of them on a website I am working on but have only just begun (

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