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I watch inconspicuously with curiosity I land
By Mark Earl Dykstra

I watch inconspicuously with curiosity I land.
High I am, leisurely perched.
Be good or bad, he called himself a poet,
for the right words he fought and searched.
Hours paced in frustration, thesaurus in hand,
but will those who read it ever understand.

"Finally!" he shouts,"It's just right."
Tears streamed the face of hard lines that night.
"Yes, it's the right message.
But Is it to subtle, to sublime?"
Into the broken mirror he stares.
a reflection of whom he used to be in past times.

The poet lingers, unkept from days unable to sleep,
Grabbing the bottle, swallowing hard the liquid will.
"Other than me, will anyone ever know?"
Falling back upon his bed, whispering still.
The city awakens to begin anew
I fly to the open sill , to grasp a better view.

A silent thief of wind, the poets labor it stole.
Through the window, set adrift to the earth below.
A lone walker glances a hurried look,
To read the fallen note to what time this must have took.
To what cost to have only been lost this beautiful message
Repeating the lines to memorize the poets unsigned passage

Editor's Note: This poem is a response to Poetic Prompt Prompt # 11: Write a story on the theme of an insect.

Fire keeps burning in the mines
By Mark Earl Dykstra

I need to Hold on to the light,
And never give up this fight,
laced in sulfur I lift my hands,
and give thanks to the life I hold.

Mornings are freezing cold in these hills,
There's always smoke along the mountain ridge ,
Satan chuckles and turns his head ,
And the fire keeps burning in the mines.

Sunday's the only day I see God's light ,
The only day To see my children or to hold my wife,
There's no getting out its all I know,
the company camp to my life I owe.

Kentucky coal breeds a certain kind of man,
their two men short when sun sets down,
one home dying while the other holds his hand to pray
And the fire keeps burning in the mines.

Author's Note: A few words on "Fire keeps burning in the mines." I had just had emergency gallbladder surgery, which didn't go well. I had been released after five days and sent home , I'm not sure why, maybe the word stones triggered some thought or the fact that they restarted my heart in the hospital but I picked up my guitar to noodle around with it for a while. Somewhere during this I hit a D chord but only played half the chord, I went down two fret and slid upward with the same notes, it sounded like the Appalachian Mountains to me. I then looked up a site on Appalachian coal mining, thus a song began in my head starting with ,I need to Hold on to the light. I play locally and the song has gotten some good responses. I wrote the words in two days and I wanted to share it somewhere more than just here when I play . So I searched the net and found this site and what a great opportunity to pass it along to all you.

"Fire keeps burning in the mines," Copyright © 2015 by Mark Earl Dykstra
Posted August 25, 2015

Everybody Knows
By Mark Earl Dykstra

Everybody knows where the smile goes
Everybody knows where the smile goes
When it rains

So take to the skies with arms open
Seek out those who hide from the light
learn to sing to those who will listen
And bring them inside, before it rains

So open wide the doors of summers
Leading to all the joys they bring
Capture every moment with laughter
With the colors of spring before it rains

Everybody knows where the tears fall
Everybody knows where the tears fall

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