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About Me
I am from Longview Washington. I was born August 7 1953 in Longview Washington , where I still reside. I remember failing English in early high school , didn't like it much . But I had to take the class over and I worked harder at it from there on. I attended creative writing at Portland State University. I'm also a musician and have been writing my own songs since 16. I've written poetry all along my journey in life as well as short stories.

A few words on "Fire keeps burning in the mines." I had just had emergency gallbladder surgery, which didn't go well. I had been released after five days and sent home , I'm not sure why, maybe the word stones triggered some thought or the fact that they restarted my heart in the hospital but I picked up my guitar to noodle around with it for a while. Somewhere during this I hit a D chord but only played half the chord, I went down two fret and slid upward with the same notes, it sounded like the Appalachian Mountains to me. I then looked up a site on Appalachian coal mining, thus a song began in my head starting with, "I need to Hold on to the light." I play locally and the song has gotten some good responses. I wrote the words in two days and I wanted to share it somewhere more than just here when I play . So I searched the net and found this site and what a great opportunity to pass it along to all you.

The use of words give color to all our lives , I'm fortunate to be among these creative writers. I do appreciate this opportunity to show some of my expressions. Thank you P.I.P.

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