Niranjan Goru

Albatross around my neck
By Niranjan Goru

Opening and closing eyes didn't matter much,
Shattered were all dreams and hopes as such,
Again the pain of failure hit my heart,
Tears in my eyes were not in dearth,
My mind was wobbling with painful vibrations,
All i could see was the rubble of painful
I tried to analyze the loss of the heck,
It was an evil albatross hung around my neck.

"Albatross around my neck," Copyright © 2013 by Niranjan Goru
Posted September 2, 2013

Withered Rose
By Niranjan Goru

So vivacious and gay were you,
dancing with the breeze,
glowing with the sun,
twinkling with the stars,
your fragrance titillating the senses,
very happy and tranquil were you.
my mind laid interest on you,
my heart wanted you,
me who twitched you,
assuring eternal love.
My pains healing, holding hand of you,
life seemed delightful with you,
Argh, with time, languishing were you,
erred me enticing you.
out of essence and exhilaration now were you,
want the world to spin back for you,
to rejuvenate the lost happiness,
I wish for a miracle to befall,
embracing the wrath of beautiful you,
craving for a blooming rose again in you.

"Withered Rose," Copyright © 2013 by Niranjan Goru
Posted June 24, 2013

Missing Queen
By Niranjan Goru

Walked alone in the labyrinth of life,
Boring it was with no one,
Had no enemies nor any friends,
Tried no new trends in life,
So much time no one would have,
Stared the water by my side,
Habituated for lonely ride,
Finally lost my erudite.
Had all time to watch chick hatch from egg,
Made myself the evening peg.
It was just like a gag.

Things changed one day,
Sun shone bright upon me,
Wondered something was unnatural,
Changes were in actual,
Saw you walking across,
My eyes never tried to cross,
So beautiful in all,
Never imagined for you to fall,
Nothing happened knowingly,
The first sight lovingly
You encouraged my heart convincingly.

You might not even know me,
It had been years of nine.
Wherever you are,
I hope you are fine,
Don't know what to say,
You are my missing queen.

"Missing Queen," Copyright © 2013 by Niranjan Goru
Posted April 17, 2013

The Quest
By: Niranjan Goru

Standing aloof on the sea shore,
away from my agitation and daily chore,
my thoughts, feeling and emotions yet to explore.
Then came tumbling the turbulent wave,
vigorously roaring and heading so brave.
Throwing sand, shells and wetting my feet,
ran hurriedly back to the sea, weakening my cleat.

To convey the instability of my standing,
It came repeatedly without relinquishing.
Luring me with the faraway placidity,
assuring perpetual tranquillity.
Dragging me reluctantly to the profound,
obstinate me won't give up my ground.

On your side too mental exertion would not bestow emancipation,
similar was the melancholy and continued my dissatisfaction.
You are like an oasis in the desert,
to the wanderer, enduring hunger and thirst.
Happiness is within oneself what I perceive,
hither and thither searched for it, of which I grieve,
I, strive to retrieve the lost joy, until this world I leave.

"The Quest," Copyright © 2013 by Niranjan Goru
Posted April 13, 2013

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