Helen Currier's Poems


God's Delight
By Helen Currier

To see the sunset was my goal,
I wanted to renew my soul.
God's glory and wonder to see,
I set my alarm for 5:33.

The light on the horizon was yellow and bright,
God's creation gave me such delight.
The sun rose from over the ocean
Our cruise ship was in motion.

Going towards the eastern sky,
I wanted to revel as the day drew nigh.
As I stood watching the sunrise
My soul began increasing in size.

I knew God's magnificence
Felt His sacred presence.
Glad to be witnessing God's designs,
I wanted to write a beautiful rhyme.

Taking note of every change of hue
Watching as the sky turned blue.
This deck is the altar of God's delight,
Showing me all of God's creative might.

"God's Delight," Copyright © 2016 By Helen Currier
Posted June 17, 2016

Editor's Note: This poem was a response to Poetic Prompt # 20

The Neighbor's Gift
By Helen Currier

Our neighbors have given us all a gift.
This gift has managed to give us a lift.
Our smiles are huge and genuine when we see
The soft bodies and twitching noses, until they flee.

What a gentleness they have added to our yard;
What a treasure they have been to us as we regard
Their hopping behaviors as they search for food.
They have changed all of my neighbors moods.

No longer do cars down the alley zoom
Passengers watch with delight and give them room
For hopping and grazing our bunnies eight
Certainly giving us all peaceful emotions great.

Neighbors have given us bunnies to watch once more
The wild ones all gone with all their lore.
Memories flood my heart and mind
Of a paper mache easter bunny my dad signed.

The easter bunny was mauled by a dog long ago,
And I am now healed of those memories low.
The bunnies have brought joy to my heart
As I watch them in our yard, hop and play and dart.

"Our Neighbor's Gift," Copyright c 2016 by Helen Currier
Posted June 17, 2016

By Helen Currier

Colorful flowers, buds on trees,
Circling around them, bees.
Gorgeous blue skies
Cool nights, stars bright.
Working dirt, planting seeds
Waiting for them to appear,
Wishing for rain so dear. The
tall green grass to mow The
first time, really low. Springs
miracles to gaze They astonish
and amaze. Spring brings the
Easter season The Church
bells ring for a reason
Announcing Jesus Christ is
alive He is Risen. He is Risen.

"Spring," Copyright © 2016 by Helen Currier
Posted March 6, 2016

The Elegant Dragon Fly
By Helen Currier and Glenn Currier

Special creatures are we dragonflies
in our swift flight we sink or rise
back and forth left and right
no insect prey escapes our sight.
In a life-rich pond my life began
then I traveled onto land
but my true joy is in the winds
I do not bite or sting my friends
and some remark on my agile display
you humans say it's a lively ballet
you see in my iridescence
happiness and purity of essence
you say I live life without regrets
and see life's meaning in its depths
but in the millions of years on earth
each flight I take is an airy rebirth
so when you need to leave the noise
come watch my elegant wings - their power and poise.

Author's Note: This poem was written in response to Poetic Prompt # 11 on this website.

By Helen Currier

As I was leaning down cleaning the flower beds
Of all the leaves, grass and debris left dead,
I sat up straight and in the tree was a hidy-hole
And inside was a pecan placed by what soul?

Tucked away in its hiding place,
Would the squirrel ever see it in its race
Around the tree as it played with its brothers;
Or would it be found by others?

As I sit here thinking about the squirrel who put it there
I know somehow I will always care;
I will go back and check on it once in awhile
It will always bring a smile.

"Hidy-Hole," Copyright © 2014 by Helen Currier
Posted June 5, 2014

By Helen Currier

Toenails are diverse and unique
Some are painted and trimmed meticulously
Others are plain, jagged or petite.
There are pretty toes, ugly toes, broken toes, and dirty toes.

Today I got a pedicure,
It felt so good to take a tour
Of a salon new to me;
I sat in the chair and was offered tea.

Delilah worked to cut and trim and clean,
Smooth the callouses so I could make the scene
Of a poetry gathering of neighbors and friends
To wear sandals and show my pretty toe ends.

Toenails now painted a pretty red
No longer do I have to dread
The summer shoes I long to wear,
And dear friends say "I do declare:
Your toes are so shiny and bright
They could even light up the night!"

"Toenails," Copyright © 2014 by Helen Currier
Posted May 28, 2014

Inside Outside
By Helen Currier

The sun is shining,
The sky is blue,
I'm sitting here missing you.
Our neighbor Paul is trimming trees,
The birds are singing, and the buzzing bees
Surround the garden where the hyacinths bloom,
And I ask myself, why am I sitting here in the gloom?
I'm staring at the dead plants that need a tender hand
To make our yard a better land.
I need to work outside to get leaner,
And help our yard grow up greener.

"Inside Outside," Copyright © 2013 by Helen Currier
Posted February 25, 2013

By Helen Currier

To exercise one needs discipline.
Sometimes it makes my head spin
When I think about the energy it takes,
Instead of the energy it makes
To strengthen my spine and bones,
And keep my body in tone,
I have to make up my mind
To help my body realign
The spine that is so out of shape.
You see it hurts when I try to rake
The autumn and winter mess
That has me and my neighbors in stress.
So, today, I worked outside in the yard,
Didn't stay inside to play cards.
My mind is more at ease now
And to my neighbors, I take a bow.

"Energy," Copyright © 2013 by Helen Currier
Posted February 25, 2013

By Helen Currier

God reveals Himself in the people we meet
Which makes me delve into my character for the people I greet.
What they observe in me reflects on the God I see
Am I a generous being, loving and kind?
And how do I see others in my own mind?
Am I upset when I see how generous God can be?
Or do I rejoice in the good luck of my brothers?
Do I wish the same to all I know?
The answers to these questions can help me grow.
Jesus invites us to mercy and forgiveness
And as I age my judgments get less.
Maybe I am getting His message more and more
I'm finding I can let a lot go out the door
Of my spirit and mind and heart.
And I can always make a new start.
So my friends and relatives, whatever you see in me
I hope it brings you joy and glee.

"Reflections," Copyright © 2013 by Helen Currier
Posted February 25, 2013

Healing Hands
By Helen Currier

Healing hands are welcome here,
They feel so good and are so dear.
Healing hands have helped me fight
Now the darkness within has turned to light.
The persons who have laid hands upon me
Have helped me to see the light within thee.
So now we are all joined for life;
We help each other get through the strife,
That living on this earth can bring.
We live our lives as we must,
With joy, delight and compassion towards all.
This is how our God does call
All of us who live,
To help and lay healing hands upon all.
We need these hands throughout our walk,
That's why we all need to pray, and touch and talk.

"Healing Hands," Copyright © 2013 by Helen Currier

Author's Note: I was meditating on something I read about the hands that have touched me and hugged me. They are healing hands. So I wrote the above poem.

By Helen Currier

What is it with cliques that's so wrong?
They seem to support and help each other.
Sometimes I wonder if they sing a song
To lift up another, or do they smother?
Creativity and individuality---
What really is the reality?
I'd like to be enlightened by them
So I could forgive the harm they've caused
To friends and myself who've been excluded
Because we were different or didn't conform.
Did we awaken in them an alarm?
Were we so ugly or repulsive or dumb,
They couldn't see their way to drop us a crumb
Of compassion and inclusion to their group?
Oh well, as always, we'll form our own troupe.

By Helen Currier

I can't live my life without some
I always keep on hand those Tums.
Sometimes I get so very mad
That I have to take a little tad
Of this 'n that kind of pill;
I feel as if I'm on a treadmill.
Seems I can't get off of it
Just makes me want to spit.
As I get older and out of shape
I wonder what happened….for goodness sake!
It's all my fault, I should have heeded
The advice from Drs. 'n sisters I so needed.
However I didn't, and so I find
That I sometimes hate within my mind
The former life I led as a lass,
Now I'm older and have more mass.
This poem has got to be at an end
I need to go to swiftly attend
Like answer the telephone when it rings,
And put in the clothes so they can dry,
Start another load and make a pie.
Companies coming for the Super Bowl,
On my body it all takes a toll.
Where was I with this song of sorrow…
Oh yes, wish I could take a pill to make it tomorrow.

Diamante Poems by Helen Currier
Explanation of the diamante poetic form

Cat / Dog
By Helen Currier

Image: Cat / Dog - Diamante Poem by Helen Currier

"Cat / Dog," Copyright © 2012 by Helen Currier
Posted July, 6, 2012

Love / Hate
By Helen Currier

Strong Beautiful
Caring Giving Receiving
Acceptance Forgive Selfish Angry
Loathing Revolting Unforgiving
Malice Rancor

"Love / Hate," Copyright © 2012 by Helen Currier
Posted July, 18, 2012

Glenn / Helen
By Helen Currier

Gentle Intelligent
Caring Giving Loving
Brother Traveler Reader Sister
Swimming Thinking Gardening
Worker Decorator

"Glenn / Helen," Copyright © 2012 by Helen Currier
Posted July, 18, 2012

God / Satan
By Helen Currier

Light Truth
Gracing Loving Caring
Forgives Saves Condemns Lies
Deceiving Menacing
Hate Dark

"God / Satan," Copyright © 2012 by Helen Currier
Posted July, 18, 2012



Image: Fall foliage

Golden Years [A collaborative poem]
By Helen Currier and Glenn Currier

Here's to the leaves in their golden years
cheering brightest when it appears
they will lose it all.
With such grace they fall into fall.

Posted 11-18-2011
"Golden Years" Copyright © 2011 by Helen Currier and Glenn Currier

Farmville Blues
By Helen Currier

The first day I began to play Farmville
Is a time that I rue still,
For it is very addictive, you see;
I have stopped being me.

At first the game was enthralling and fun
I wanted a farm just like everyone.
I played, and played, and played some more,
I played so hard my hand got sore.

My brother, niece, great niece, and friends
Were all so far ahead of me you see,
I needed and wanted my hive full of bees.
I kept playing and playing and playing until
I could hardly stand or sit real still.

The laundry piled up, the dishes were unwashed;
The house stunk so I wanted to barf.
It's now 2 A.M. and what do you think?
My body is now beginning to reek.

I've given up all of my duties to be
A farmer of many plants and trees.
I've become sullen and mean,
But I can't stop to save my bean.

And so my friends I say to you
Don't play Farmville, or you'll be blue
You'll get addicted and won't be true
To yourself or others and they'll all want to sue.

Beware and heed my every word
Or you'll live your life being absurd.
Getting up at 1, 2 or three in the morn
Harvesting and planting cotton and corn.

Now my husband is getting into the game
Our house and relationship will never be the same.
Sometimes I harvest and plant his crop
Will this addiction never stop?

I've tried to quit and leave it all be
But I like my animals, plants, and trees
With names like Old Blue, and Sally and Paint
This way I'll never be a saint.

Oh why oh why didn't I listen to Rich?
He said I would become a bitch
Cause all I'd want to do is play
And wallow away all of the day.

Maybe God in His wisdom will help me quit
So "She died on Farmville" is not my obit.

Posted June 17, 2011
© Copyright Helen Currier 2011

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