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The Faces of Homelessness
By Shirley A. Hammond

The faithful, the fallen
The Veteran, the teacher
The merchant, the artist
And even the preacher

Their faces are a confetti affair

The skilled, the educated
The sad, the elated
You'll find all types in this snare

The troubled, the injured
The displaced, the reduced and laid off
Homeless can happen to anyone
So, please don't scoff

There once was an engineer
Who married his sweet darling girl
After years of marriage and children
They separated to different worlds

She got the kids and house
He got alimony and child support payroll deductions
His paycheck didn't stretch far enough
When he adhered to the judge's instructions

So, he packed his things in a box
And put the box in a shopping cart

He knew he made good money
He knew that he was very smart

But just like many who work
In these days of affordable housing woes
He reported to a job daily
But at night, had nowhere to go

The chef, the maid, the person with AIDS
May all end up on the street
Often they are not only homeless

They have no food to eat
When money runs out
As it often will do Who can save or deposit money?
I ask you again – Who?

"The Faces of Homelessness," Copyright © 2017 by Shirley Hammond
Posted May 10, 2017


Happy It Was Now
By Shirley Hammond

He hit a high note as he sang
His goal was to hit a high soprano note
He wasn't worried about a single thang
The guest in the audience had already given their vote

He had on his tux
His cumber bund and bow tie
He was told he had great luck
He had this twinkle in his eye

He waited with bated breath and bright red ears
As the organist began to play
After a moment, his escorted adorned bride appeared
It was their wedding day

He saw them walking toward him
He didn't want father/daughter to falter
He noticed her tiny waist was so slim
As the two approached the altar

Wedding bells, their wedding day
They were now saying their vows
The day that they had planned was underway
And they were happy it was now

"Happy It Was Now," Copyright © 2016 by Shirley Hammond
Posted June 16, 2016

Editor's Note: This poem is in response to Poetic Prompt # 20.

Little Sweeties
By Shirley A. Hammond

Little sweeties with big bright eyes
A gunman took us by surprise
Snatched you away from us by force
We lost you - we didn't have a choice

Your bright eyes
Your sweet smile
Your winning ways
Creative style

Linger yet
For you are still here
In our hearts where we
Will hold you dear

A treasure to us
You will always stay
Special and dear
Because you came our way

Little sweeties
With big, bright eyes
You lit up a room
Now you light up the skies

Smile down upon us
From heaven's nest
Whenever from giving heaven joy
You take a rest

Little sweeties
With big bright eyes
Our great loss on earth
Is heaven's precious prize

"Little Sweeties," Copyright © 2012 by Shirley A. Hammond
Posted December 26, 2012

My arm and my canvas
By Shirley Hammond

My arm and my canvas become one
When I am painting out in the sun

It's hard to find where one ends and the other begins
My arm and my canvas are friends

I am painting a picture that you can keep
Inside your heart, way down deep

While I am painting, why not take a peek
It's a gift from my arm and my canvas

The bridge is my brush
I depend on it much

I use colors to bring blankness alive
If you see the end

You will notice that I blend
And create many new colors that thrive

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By Shirley A. Hammond

Whoever has been was

They have long ago been set free

You, you, you

You and only you

Are a vital necessity

Whatever was, is no more

Not worth another glance from me

You, you, you

You and only you

Are an absolute necessity

You're a vital necessity

You nourish my soul

You are destiny

My vital necessity

"Vital Necessity" Copyright © 2011 by Shirley A. Hammond

We Three
by Shirley A. Hammond

We Three
Have victory
We are a 3-fold cord

We Three have destiny
My king, myself, and my LORD

We Three
The world can see
We are being brought to glory
We Three - yes us - we Three
We weave a wonderful story

We Three
Have ministry
We live, we love, we are

We Three
Shed lots of light
Shining, gleaming from afar

We have victory
We have destiny
We have ministry
We three

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