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Author's Note: I had no idea how to write a stream of consciousness poem although I had used the method in prose writing as a cure for writer's block. I read a bit about it on the Internet. There was a suggestion to use colors or creative drawing. I copied the ampersand from the adult coloring pages that I downloaded. I colored it and composed the attached work sheets. It was not a poem, but I then I rearranged it and it became the poem below.

Summer Dreams
By Glenda Henderson

lying on the navy and white cushion
in the wicker porch swing—
white puffy clouds float across
the pale blue summer sky

where are they going
and what will they do
will they float over the ocean
forming a backdrop of serenity
for the noisy gulls searching
for food and fussing at each other—

or will they sail over the mountains
and disappear
leaving us to always wonder—

will they rise into towering cumulus
or stretch into lumpy cirrus
high and covering the sky—

will white turn to gray—
will the rain be cool and soothing
or will the wind blow and
and turn the drops into needles
hammering them into the dust—

the porch swing rocks gently—
eyelids droop and mind grows quiet—
ideas sail away to foreign lands
like clouds in the sky—

where will life take me next—
who will share my future with me—
what will tomorrow bring—
sadness and regret for this moment passed—
or excitement—adventure—contentment—
uncertain as the clouds—
ever changing—
dissipating and rising again in another
never to be repeated form—

change is good and stability impossible—
error is inevitable—
perfection belongs to God—

"Summer Dreams," Copyright © 2016 by Glenda Henderson
Posted August 18, 2016

Night Thoughts
By Glenda Henderson

On summer nights you lay outside
On the quilt that your mother made
And stared at the dark sky above
At the constellations displayed.

Scorpio was your favorite;
To you, its tail looked like a plane.
You wondered what lay beyond that
But no one you knew could explain.

If you travelled far enough, would you
Come to the end and the last?
It seemed there would have to be more;
Infinity was hard to grasp.

Einstein had once explained it all,
But it left your mind spinning.
You could never reach the end of space;
You'd come back to the beginning.

As an adult you ceased to fret
And now you would recommend it.
You left the universe to God
And trusted that He would tend it.

Editor's note: This poem was written in response to Poetic Prompt # 21.

Image: catepillar-2  Image: catepillar

Image: hummingbird moth

Evening Moth
By Glenda Henderson

Little hornworm on my penta,
Eating leaves and flowers,
Soon you'll be a hummingbird moth
Seen in evening hours.

You strip my plant down to the stalk,
But it will recover fast,
As you're sleeping in your cocoon
Before you emerge at last.

Then you'll return as a sphinx moth.
You will fly far and wide.
You will be drinking the nectar
The plant's flowers provide.

You'll lay your eggs in a safe place
And you will become dust.
After winter, your offspring will
Seek my penta, I trust.

"Evening Moth," Copyright c 2016 by Glenda Henderson
Posted August 9, 2016

Editor's Note: The above poem was written in response to Poetic Prompt 11.

A Message to God in Heaven
By Glenda Henderson

I'm writing a message to God
To ask Him to bless you each day.
May all your problems be small ones
And your path be smooth all the way.

I pray you enjoy each sunrise,
Each rainbow, and flower you see,
May rain fall gently upon you,
And the breeze touch you tenderly.

May butterflies and bright blue skies
Be yours as you travel life's way.
And my goal is to leave my note
To God on the altar today.


By Glenda Henderson

Image: Sunset

the peace of sunset
fills the summer sky and me
the color of dreams

"Peace," Copyright 2014 by Glenda Henderson

"Peace" in PDF format

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