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The 13th of May
By Elizabeth Hobbs

The Mowers are mowing,
The Sirens are blowing,
A thought I'm composing,
Prayers to the Lord overflowing.

Thus begins the 13th of May,
When the line finishes who can say.
Changes are frequent each and every day,
but it  means I'm still here so that's o.k.

Two Faces
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Image: Poem - Two Faces

"Two Faces," Copyright © 2017 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted February 9, 2017

Image: Joyous return soldier and baby

Joyous Return
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Special time brought waves of delight
As this very special man came into her sight
Times of long waiting disappeared
as her Father rushed toward her and re-appeared
Home at last from dangers afar
as he enfolded his family and his little Star.

"Joyous Return, Copyright © 2016 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted November 13, 2016

Image: It's Him - soldier and baby

It's Him
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Not all occasions are happy, Not all occasions are glad
but once in a while there does occur one that makes up for all the sad
Sweet little bright face so full of Joy,
why it's Daddy's Bouncing Baby Boy
What is the source of this jubilation?
Daddy's home from war, happy celebration!!!

"It's Him," Copyright © 2016 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted November 13, 2016

My Heart is Glimmering
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Your reflections are very insightful
In fact to me they are delightful

You ask, What color is your Heart today?
I answer in my usual lopsided way

When Blue we are very sad
When Red we are very mad
Green with envy of course is clear
A yellow streak, means coward my Dear

Today my Heart is glimmering, shimmering
silver and gold
Proving as you state the Great Spirit above
can heal the Soul

"My Heart is Glimmering," Copyright © 2016 By Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted April 25, 2016

Editor's Note: This poem was written in response to Glenn Currier's poem, Reflections of a Caregiver.

Image: Hawaii scene with quote for Elizabeth Hobb's poem: "What is IT?"

What Is IT?
By Elizabeth Hobbs

There he is dapper, handsome and smart
declaring he loves me with all of his heart
examining my feelings I heave a big sigh
with all of his attributes no feelings have I

What causes this great passionate emotion
that binds two people with such devotion
if you try to figure it out with your brain
it will absolutely, positively drive you insane

Poems are written about IT
Songs are sung about IT
Kingdoms were fought for IT
Fortunes were lost for IT

Oh, look at that nice looking man over there
why, he's returning my look with a flattering stare
what is that funny feeling causing my heart to flutter
as he politely introduces himself I began to stutter

Is this the emotion they are all talking about
Its made me a victim without a doubt
The answer to my wondering is very plain
LOVE is just something that can't be explained.

"What is IT?" Copyright © 2015 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted February 11, 2015

See comments on above poem - Under PIP Poets click on Elizabeth Hobbs and then click on "What is IT?"

Mother's Advice:
Propriety of a Lady
By Elizabeth HobbsImage: Proper Lady

This is what my Mother said to me
Sedate a Lady should always be
Nothing improper for one to see
Nothing showing above the knee

This is what my Mother said to remember
Never wear white after September
Always keep in mind the proper attire
Very important are the clothes you require

This is what my Mother said to me
Let your selection of colors never be red
Its suggestion is one who is a little wild
You want to appear proper, poised & mild

This is what my Mother advised
to keep you nails buffed & clear is wise
Bright garish colors suggest someone frivolous
Personifying a personality most mischievous

Oh yes, another thing my Mother mentioned
Quality of speech must have special attention
Loud laughing or anything suggesting vulgarity
Should never be used, not even sparingly

Happy am I that I always listened
To all her advice I paid strict attention
I am the perfect example of decorum
No need to vote, I'm sure its a quorum!!!

By Elizabeth Hobbs

Here I am in 2 muddy boots
Stuck way up 2 my thighs
How did I get 2 be in this mess
I find it doesn't help 2 cry

2 hastily I speak my mind
which isn't 2 be always smart
I reveal 2 much for folks 2 see
end result 2 me is broken heart

I'm known 2 be harmless
Theres no need 2 take alarm
The last thing I would try 2 do
is 2 cause somebody harm

You must learn 2 take me like I is
If not, that is just 2 bad
2 me, I is just who I is
I'm sorry 2 make you sad

So I will try 2 come unstuck
2 pull myself out of this mess
If your 2 wonder what is all about
I guess you will just have 2 guess

Love 2 write

Author's note: Some time ago Glenn Currier asked that everybody write a poem using a number as the focus. At that time I could not come up with anything involving a number but now I have and this is it. I am just 2 glad 2 present this 2 you Glenn although delayed.

"2." Copyright © 2014 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted July 1, 2014

Editor's note: If you 2 are interested in writing a poem invoving a number, you might want to look at Poetic Prompt # 3.

By Elizabeth Hobbs

Kids have minds still uncluttered
with gunk that may have filled our ears
They can without a blink or stutter
come forth with wisdom beyond their years

There use to be a fellow by the name of Art
who hosted a popular TV program
in which he invited Children to take a part
4 chairs placed in front of the TV cam

He asked them a lot of adult questions
which I remember many to this day
therefore this show was very entertaining
You never knew what the kids would say

One day he asked a very young man
whether he was a Democrat or Republican
without hesitation he responded right on que
I am an Episcopalian Sir, what are you?

We learned early on
"Kids say the darndest things"
My~~such wisdom, joy and delight
to our hearts they can always bring

Even within the little ones
ever lies the poetic soul
Its our job to stir it up
To encourage a Maya or Poe

"Kids," Copyright © 2014 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted June 26, 2014

Gordon's Travels
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Gordan was a Traveling Man
His Motto "I'll travel whenever I can"
He and his wife who was from Tennessee
married 70 years, were happy as could be

But alas Gordan just Up and Died
His sweet wife just cried and cried
She pondered what could she do
A trip would make his wishes come true

With a large plastic bottle she made preparation
Inside, ashes, two dollar bills and a note of explanation
She went as far as she could out to sea
and watched it float away splashingly

It bobbed and it sailed across the sea
The first place it landed was Big Pine Key
A kindly person opened this plastic boat
called the wife and sent it on upon its float

The second place it landed was Islamerada
found by someone else who stared in wonder
Replaced all the items and off once more
landing on Big Pine Key Beach on Floridas shore

Judi, out cleaning the beach early one morn
discovered Gordon's bottle quit weather worn
She opened the bottle, got the shock of her life
and immediately went and called his wife

She shared her news with all her friends
They all gathered around and decided to
have a memorial along with a celebration
in no time at all Gordon had become a sensation

Judi's friends gathered on the beach that night
reverently paid tribute to Gordon's plight
They felt his journey should have some fun
and so they placed his ashes in a bottle of rum

They sent him sailing along his way
We will always wonder where he is today!

"Gordon's Travels," Copyright © 2014 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted June 5, 2014

Author's note: This is a true story. If your interested I have a picture of the bottle and the lady from Florida who found it.

Smell the Rain
By Elizabeth Hobbs

A long time ago which
really wasn't that far away
you could smell the rain acoming
from several hundred feet away.

It was before things got so crowded
there were bright open spaces
feel the gravel road under your feet
trees and air smelling so sweet.

"Listen!" can you hear it?
It is rushing to us now
I can hear it as it approaches
barefoot I run to greet it "wow!"

With arms open wide in greeting
I rush to embrace the meeting
doesn't matter as it fills my hair
I'm a free child without a care.

I settle down in the old metal chair
splashing drops on face, such freshness
just let it pour with all its wetness
nature's music, what a refrain!

What happiness it is to

"Smell the Rain," Copyright © 2014 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted June 5, 2014

Author's note: This is a memory from my childhood and the old metal chairs we had out in the yard to sit in. I also have a picture to go with this if you are interested. Not of me, just one I found that fit.

All Aboard
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Image: railroad tracks

There use to be a way of transportation
That was instrumental in building this nation
Transporting goods to the innermost inland
where boats could not traverse nor hardly man

It rolled along on two ribbons of steel
Bringing all kind of goods it seemed most surreal
eerie whistle sounds blowing late into the night
still stirs my heart and my imagination takes flight

Who has not felt the magic of riding a Train
Flowing down the tracks to a destination strange
What adventure awaits us at the end of the line
Experiences we will encounter for the very 1st time

Crossing over the Mississippi the moon shining bright
Reflection from moon onto water remains in minds sight
The great Archway of St. Louis is vividly displayed
Showing a wonderful work of art that man has made

On land we pass lighted homes, people inside like
Voyeurs we see others lives on display as we ride
Homes with people to their tables gathered round
flickering TVs light up objects in the background

Cars wait at railroad crossings as gates go down
The Trains warning whistle makes quite a sound
Strangers in cars and riders exchange glances
Would our paths cross again, what are the chances

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little trip
and the next tie that whistle blows it will remind

       you of P I P !

"All Aboard," Copyright © 2014 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted May 30, 2014

By Elizabeth Hobbs

Poets in progress

What a joy to be a part of
Fortunate am I to be in from the start of


Talented people with wonderful thoughts
To our table treasures have brought


How I look forward to each and every session
Your ideas of life teach us very special lessons


Special thanks to Mr. Currier & Ives
Without your guidance we would not survive


How I hate to miss even just one meeting
Duty calls but I will pop in for a greeting


Thanks to Bobbie, my friend, for reading my letter
Next month I'll be there with something better

"PIP," Copyright c 2013 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted March 9, 2013

Editor's note: Written on the occasion of the 2nd Birthday Celebration of Poetry in Progress
group, DeSoto, Texas November 5, 2013 when Elizabeth was unable to attend the meeting.

Here's to Life
By: Elizabeth Hobbs

As we awake to face each new day
what will we encounter along the way

Sometime the dark clouds hang very low
getting the body out of bed BE very slow
Image: Man on swing - Here's to life!"
Appointments set that we already dread
wish is just to remain in bed

Already know whats to be our lot
but first comes little trip to the pot

Great inspiration grasps me on the way
why not alter the course of just one day

Mind begins retracing steps back in my past
when tumbling out of bed my feet moving

Excited to run outside and greet the day
freedom from worry & cares, no bills to pay

How shall I begin my day of Celebration?
glancing across the yard I have a inspiration

There it is 'over there' the old backyard swing
ah the freedom I remember it use to bring

Chains still strong, seat still sturdy
will it hold this big guy way past 30?

Wife peeping through curtains at this crazy sight
slow smile crosses her face as she views my plight

Neighbor with briefcase and lunch in hand
begins to cross the yard to his van

Across his hedge he sees great big feet go up
continuing his stare great big feet go down

A great big body suspended in air
swinging back and forth without a care

Goodbye cares, Goodbye strife
today I'm celebrating the fun in life

My choice was great, my choice was grand
today I am a happy man! Feet go up
feet go down, today happiness I've found

"Here's to Life." Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted October 13, 2012

Author's note: This poem was inspired by a picture of an elderly gentleman swinging barefoot in a swing. [image inserted by webmaster]

Indian Lore
By: Elizabeth Hobbs

Eons ago there was a strange story
which native Americans still believe to be true
About a beautiful young woman arrayed in white glory
who appeared to the seven sacred council of Sioux

The beautiful young woman rolled 4 times on earth
becoming a sacred white calf
The Lakota tribe accepted this manifestation
as direction to follow her path

The Birth of the White Buffalo
is the Lakotas most significant & prophetic sign
The White calf is accepted as an omen
of purity to body, to spirit, to mind

As legends would have it
this has lived on in History
We have admired greatly
The Buffalo attached to its mystery

Image: Special buffalo nickle

Then appeared upon the scene
The Buffalo Nickle which we have all seen
There is a special one that collectors seek
The three legged nickle which is very unique

Most famous of the Nickles to be manifest
1937-D three legged nickle with special crest
Collector fasination at this sensation
Created in error realized after reaching circulation

It gives me great pleasure to you to present
a token created in error by the Denver Mint
May it remind you of the Holy Woman in White
Who appeared to the Lakota Sioux in the
Black Hills of Dakota that night

"Indian Lore," Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted October 13, 2012

Author's note: This poem was inspired by the phenomenal birth and then mysterious death of a white buffalo which was big news in this area along with the preceding history of how the Indian belief regarding the sacredness of the white buffalo came into being.

Marvelous / Repugnant
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Extraordinary, Incredible
Tremendous, Terrific, Fantastic
Wondrous, Miraculous, Obscene, Repulsive
Detestable, Offensive, Abhorrent
Abominable, Disgusting

"Marvelous / Repugnant," Copyright 2012 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted July 2, 2012

Editor's Note: This is a diamante poem in response to Poetic Prompt # 7


Honour Bound
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Image: Dave Bates
Dave Bates
Honoree of this poem

There is a fellow who haunts this place
First Monday of each month he finds his space
His writings are of the highest style
Sometimes they bring tears, sometimes a smile

They run the gamut of each imagined feeling
from glad, sad, or mad, your mind is reeling
Inspired from inside this eloquent brain
with you these thoughts will always remain

Years have gone by that mighty staunch frame
Time parading its passage has laid its claim
Snow on the rooftop, steps not quite as spry
has not at all dampened that sparkle of eye

Inner Spirit burning quite bright
commands respect at just his sight
His speaking voice he does project
but its not the voice that commands respect

His knowledge of detail is quite renowned
be it Abraham Lincoln or how a nail is ground
You better dot those i's and cross those t's
or he will have you groveling on your knees

His talent to turn words into magical parodies
with wit and charm he displays his abilities
Allegiance to his Country is a top priority
dedication & service never in the minority


"Honour Bound," Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted May 20, 2012

Author's Note: Written in honour of Dave Bates

It's LUV [Poem in Collaboration]
By Elizabeth Hobbs and Rochelle Rhodes

Take Time [Poem in Collaboration]
By Elizabeth Hobbs, Bobbie Williams and Beverly Wittman

Sunsets are so beautiful
so awesome to behold
It can fill your heart
and saturate your soul

Take time, pause, contemplate
before your day unfolds
inspire your heart to meditate
before you grow old and cold

The Teacher [Poem in Collaboration]
By Elizabeth Hobbs and Glenn Currier

The gift of knowledge
is a gift indeed
Its like a garden
You've planted a seed

and as this garden
begins to grow
all your efforts
will begin to show

Being a Teacher is who
I am, I guess,
helping folks make
a little progress

Its fun to watch them learn
a reward to which is my return

Now he may have been a mongrel named Fido or Ole Blue
He certainly wasn't a Show Dog with just one tooth or two
but there was none other you could find
that would protect you like Ole Blue

If called into action the enemy to pursue
he could howl, growl, scratch and scowl
which is about all that he could do
But dont tell anyone thats part of the fun
of sicking my dog on you

He would send some kid a flying
bare feet kicking up dust as he flew
Running down that gravely road
In hot pursuit behind him Ole Blue

Oh what a joy, many a smart aleck boy
I've sent him to pursue
so much fun to see them run
cuz I said I'LL SIC MY DOG ON YOU!

Now I'm grown and Ole Blues gone
but I think of those days with pleasure
It was so much fun to see Ole Blue run
Memories I will always treasure

Although I'm grown and all alone
I have standards I still adhere to
You better take my advice
and treat me real nice

A fondly greeting when we are meeting
and a very debonair parting adieu
cuz if you dont I'll sink your boat

In Texas we are not usually surprised
as in summer the monthly temperatures rise
But this year seems to be a real WHOPPER
I mean like an extraordinary show STOPPER'

The Weatherman keeps us well advised
each day as the temperature continues to rise
We know what to expect, we are not surprised
All our lovely growing plants are striving to survive

We still continue to hold out hope
That past us a small rain cloud will float
Oh how a small shower would ease the pain
We could be absolutely estatic to have rain

People all around appear surly and agitated
I'm afraid to respond per chance of being assasinated
Tempers flare over the smallest provocation
I blame it on the heat, how long this duration?

My car also victamized as it dies in transit
Heat light coming on shows just what I suspectit
Water spraying from the pump  putting on a show
As the car just behind me feels time his horn to blow!

Climbing temperatures have pushed me to the Brink
I bathe, shampoo, perfume and still I Stink
I'll just remain inside with air-conditioner hibernated
Tell me when winter comes, at last I'll be liberated!

H O T !   H O T !    H O T !

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Clouds on the Brink       
By Elizabeth Hobbs
and Glenn Currier

Clouds drift bowing low
    as if to drink

Birds escorting them
     to shore-line's brink

Sea sounds wave in
     bubbly spray

So dawns the perfect day

Authors' Note: This poem was a long-distance collaboration created via text messages while the two authors were actually on vacation in different cities and states.

By Elizabeth Hobbs

I Corinthians 12:23 - And those members of the Body which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness.

Better to lie upon my bed
Unable to move except my head

than freely come and go instead
and have inside a soul thats dead

Better to spend long and lonely days
than have no time for God to praise

Better to have time to search inside
than be obsessed with worldly pride

Better to know when time for spirit to soar
it will be God who comes to open the door

And so Dear Friend I say to you
Your Spirit shines through and through

Your Eyes reflect his excellent Grace
In Heaven you'll  have a special place


1 Corinthians 12:24 - For our comelly parts have no need: But God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant honour to that part which lacked.

Author's Note: For My FRIEND "Jack Christensen" 

By Elizabeth Hobbs

To all my dear friends from PIP
I invite you to take a journey with me
I will not tell you the type of conveyance
You will have to decide from your own surveilance

I want this to be a journey of fun
and hope you will feel so when it is done


There use to be a way of transportation
That was instrumental in building this Nation
Transporting goods to the innermost inland
where boats could not traverse nor hardly man

It rolled along on two ribbons of steel
Bringing all kind of goods it seemed most surreal
eerie whistle sounds blowing late into the night
still stirs my heart and my imagination takes flight

Who has not felt the magic of riding a Train
Flowing down the tracks to a destination strange
What adventure awaits us at the end of the line
Experiences we will encounter for the very first time

Crossing over the Mississippi the moon shining bright
Reflection from moon onto water remains in minds sight
The great Archway of St. Louis is vividly displayed
Showing a wonderful work of art that man has made.

On land we pass lighted homes, people inside like
Voyeurs we see others lives on display as we ride
Homes with people to their tables gathered round
flickering TVs light up objects in the background

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little trip
and the next time that whistle blows it will remind

                     you of P I P !

               "ALL ABOARD!!"

© Copyright Elizabeth Hobbs  2011

Response to Nature
By: Elizabeth Hobbs

© Copyright Elizabeth Hobbs  2011

Christmas Eve 2000
By: Elizabeth Hobbs





© Copyright Elizabeth Hobbs  2011

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The Calendar Man
By: Elizabeth Hobbs

Just per chance I met a Gentleman the other day
As I was maneuvering my car from our parkway
An elderly Black man, distinguished & elegant of style
He implored me to stop with a very disarming smile

Would it be possible that toward the bus stop I would go?
On his way to the Doctor, his steps were rather slow
That was not the direction I had planned to take
But my heart told me to say otherwise would be a mistake

He worried I would think his request fictitious
and didn't want me to consider him a bit suspicious
Little did he know it was he who should be worried
I just finished jury trial accused of being hurried

As he folded into my front seat his long, long frame
I inquired as a formality, "Sir, what is your name?"
OCTOBER, he answered proudly, the month that I was due
My grand-ma-ma thought that better than calling a boy Sue

So that was how I came to meet the Calendar Man
On his way to dialysis I quickly became a fan
Be careful who you pass by and never give a nod
It might just be the perfect friend sent your way by God.

There was a story of a girl long ago
Her name was Dorothy, she had a dog named ToTo

A whirlwind came and took them away
To a land made of dreams
Where crazy characters did play

There were good guys and bad guys
There were witches and elves
And a man made of tin
Who rusted himself.

There was a Lion who had big paws
And another character made of straws
A Wizard, a blizzard, a Witch and a fairy
Now what could be more exciting or scary?

When life seems to be a bit hum-drum
Follow our road to knowledge and fun

The road in mind is quite Literary
It takes you right to the DeSoto Library

Leading you to volumes of knowledge and fun
Our “Yellow Brick Road” is named Pleasant Run.

Author’s Note:  This poem was written for the Pleasant Run Poetry Night, the first official event of what was to become the group, Poetry in Progress.  The challenge was to write a poem with the words: “Pleasant Run” in it, in honor of one of the main (and original) roads in the city of DeSoto, Texas.

The Ice Man Cometh
By: Elizabeth Hobbs

Shivering, shaking, teeth are chattering
White Ice falling, winds are battering
Theres a new phenomenon called thunder snow
In Chicago it is putting on quite a show.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail
We rest assured will hinder the US Mail
So slipping and sliding to my mail box I go
My neighbor says "sorry" the Postmans a "no show."

Surely our trusty transportation Dart
will be on the move and able to Start
and so to the station I make my way
to find out, its out of service today!

Rolling outages are playing havoc with my TV
that big limb by the window hangs loose from the tree
A false sense of well being I have always taken
but my casual sense of security surely has been shaken

As I pull up the covers to make ready for bed
Dreams of July and August flit through my head
So I close my eyes and hope when I awaken
This will be a bad dream of which I was mistaken.

© Copyright, Elizabeth Hobbs  2011

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