CEli Mena's Poems

The Cross and the Word
By Eli Mena

On The Cross The Word hung
My sickness The Word bore on His back
My sins He draped on His shoulders
My transgressions were on His pierced feet
His bleeding hands lifted me from the miery clay
From The Cross the law died and was buried
After three days The Word rose
And became life for me
Because of The Word that was made flesh
Because of The Cross where The Word hung
Because of The Blood of The Word that was shed
I have Life and Life more abundantly

See a drawing illustrating the above poem

By Eli Mena

you are glorious and mighty
Finer than pure gold
You are bolder than ten thousands
Comforter of my soul

I have longed for arms to hold me

A voice to calm my fears

You have walked along beside me

And whispered in my ear

You are glorious and mighty
Finer than pure gold
You are bolder than ten thousand
Comforter of my soul

By Eli Mena

Joyful, Joyful is my soul
I once was young
But now I'm old

Vibrant energy filled my heart
But soon that feeling quickly depart

The twinkle in my eyes like the sun
This sickness I believe have finally won

My memory of the past was very sharp
And now I am the memory in whole and in part

My hair has turned gray and thin
My mind can't remember when it begin

My skin is wrinkled from head to toe
The beauty that once was had to go

The steps I took in stride was long
And now I set and wonder alone

My hands could hold and grip with ease
Now they shake and tremble from morning to eve

Did I do all I was called to do?
Did my life show Christ to all I knew?

Every breath I take may be the last
Will I remember all that has past?

I come to myself in the midst of people
Where did I go? I know God is my keeper

When this sickness has consumed my soul
I know I will see Him and His face behold

I thought when I died PH lay in a grave cold
But my death became life as the bible foretold

Now I am seated in a heavenly place
With new body, new soul, new mind and beholding his grace

Victory! Victory! Victory repeated!
Alzheimer's has been defeated!!!!

"Alzheimer's," Copyright © 2013 by Eli Mena


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