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Just Anywhere
By F. Chereze Jackson

If there were a world just anywhere
Where the love of children would never spare
Where their needs were met
And their suns never set
The only darkness was the cool of night
And not the darkness of a father's blight
Oh what whim and play they'd know
And never a stain their heart would sow.
If there was a world just anywhere
Where little feet could just pitter pat
And never know any fear of that
Where hide and seek were just mere, a game
And not deceit that leads to shame.
If there were a world just anywhere
I'd wish every child be safely there.

"Just Anywhere," Copyright © 2013 by Frun Jackson
Posted May 3, 2013

Author's note: The reason I speak and write so much about incest and rape is because, I can't find enough people that it hasn't happened to. BREAK THE SILENCE!

The Sent Ones
By: F. Chereze Jackson

These are the hearts that do not erode.
That do not falter nor disaffirm their goal.
Whose mission field is not precise
But march on, in all-encompassing sacrifice.
They are our sons and daughter true,
But be they the armor of red white and blue.
These are the "sent ones" to every place,
Whose boots crush injustice, and for freedom race.
Be they a force with God's inalienable grace.
That holds with great firmness to their tenets of faith.
Born to the fold of One Nation under God
They are not slack, nor for anything trod.
But theirs is the promise of liberty's song
And for those premises stand these, the strong.
For in courage, commitment and zeal do they reign
The foxholes of every battle, do but establish the same.
They forever have a "brand", it's justice cry.
Their bulwark and muskets must never die.
These who will till up oppression wherever human life demands,
And dare sow democracy in any land.
These are the children, who leave mom and dad,
For there be the cause of justice had.
"These are the sent one."

Author's note Dedicated to our daughter Lashundra who is now in Afghanistan. We love you!

"The Sent Ones" Copyright © F. Chereze Jackson, November 2012
Posted November 9, 2012

By: F. Chereze Jackson

Silence at its darkest,
Deeply deadly height,
But a sluggard sickened fiend,
A putrefied core, without redeem.
The evil that crawleth through the night,
Through the thick of blinded sight.
The damned, of family's secret sin,
Pretty whited houses, with finest filth within.
What a facade of things that seem,
But hidden are the tears of little one's screams.
What a malicious malady,
Constant fake and falsity
Leaving hurt and dooming—illegality.
I am the voice of fiercest sound.
I am the face that brings you down.
I am the words that will not end.
I have a name,
I live again.
I'll not be silenced in any place.
As long as I live, for you I race!

"FIERCEST SOUND," Copyright © 2012 by F. Chereze Jackson
Posted October 31, 2012

As Old As I Say
By Chereze Jackson

I am old or so I say
I read in the library but then waft away
Sailing in an instance to a different age.
I'm rushing, rushing on a sweet rampage.
Inside this kaleidoscope I am free as whistle.
With petals and thistles blooms and pistils
Ouches and pricklies and ladybug ticklies
Rocks and dirt, my feet I've insert
into the cool of the moving stream.
My toes hug the sand. I drink in the feel
of this gushy stuff.
I recall the flowers now crushed in my hands
away to the sea my colorful friends.
I watch them leave, for a minute.
Then I run and I run and I see a tree,
Surrender you mountain, I conquer thee.
I climb and I sweat and my knees are scraped,
my arms are scratched but this is no mismatch.
Then through the time machine returns today
and I realize I'm not as old, as I say.

"As Old As I Say," Copyright © 2012 by Chereze Jackson
Posted May 8, 2012

Blank is Beautiful
By Chereze Jackson

Hey there man, don't you know
Blank is beautiful, I know that's so.
Leave that card and it's salutations
Give me all your exclamations.
Come on now and rhyme to me
Let me feel your apostrophe.
Tell me now what really be
Go on strut that parenthesis.
Blank is beautiful, I say again
Write amour, my poet man.
Let if flow like a melody
Semi-colon's sweet symphony.
Write baby, just write to me
Psych me in your graphology.
Rock and roll me with ampersand
Then quite cajole me, with the feather pen.
Now bring me down from this composition
Cause I'm all in your juxtaposition.
Blank is beautiful. Yea!

"Blank Is Beautiful" © 2012 Chereze Jackson
Posted April 12, 2012

A Brief Existence
by Chereze Jackson

Have you ever sat in an empty room
afraid this would always be,
your perpetual state of zero reality?
Have you ever picked up a phone
again and again and again?
It doesn't ring, you just check the line, praying
there's a reason that no one's there.
You ever sit like a stray,
on a park bench watching people?
at their lives
that somehow their lives will interchange with yours.
You remain sitting, hoping
a ball might possibly roll over your feet.
Then for a moment you could steal a piece of existence.
Your eyes watered, someone saw
You were visible, they spoke to you.
You ever find pleasure in such a little,

"A Brief Existence" copyright © 2012 by Chereze Jackson

Posted April 4, 2012

For God I Am
By Chereze Jackson

When serenity abounds
When I forgive my brother
When I pray incessantly
When love is all my totality
When kindness must I bear
When I cease to drown in my selfishness
When again I need to pray
When I emancipate myself from greed
When I fulminate, no more in hatred
When in my taciturnity, I locked with God in prayer,
I rise from my wretchedness.
When I become the mercury, for God's salvation song
I'll win a thousand souls for Christ, and in hunger, still I'll long.

"For God I Am" Copyright © 2012 by Chereze Jackson

Posted April 4, 2012

Our Navy Dance
By Chereze Jackson

We must dance again.
We must dance again out on the sidewalk
in our socks at dusk,
While our white cotton slippers paint themselves
and dusk sneaks away.
We must dance again.
Pleasantries like this are always a must.
It must be resurrected.
Sweetly remember our Navy dance.

"Our Navy Dance" copyright © 2012 by Chereze Jackson
Posted April 4, 2012


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