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Born on the infamous date of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, 1967, I was Texas born, Texas bred, having only lived out of this grand state for short periods of time. I am still hoping to turn it blue, or at least a vibrant purple.

Thanks to the inspiration of a beloved aunt and teacher (Helen Currier), I was infused with a creative spark in my youth, and thanks to the continued encouragement of this same aunt and her husband (Glenn Currier), I am still writing, learning, and growing spiritually.

Often-times I used this creativity to survive the depression and pain of life, writing the feelings down in prose that was unsafe to express otherwise. I also wrote in journals to document the passage of my growth (and digression) as well as the insightful words of my children.

I still journal and write poetry, although today I do my best to write about growth rather than pain. I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas, with my daughter and grand-daughter, my Queen cat Good Golly Miss Molly Hatchett and newest member of the family, Grover the Kitten

I am passionate about engendering a worldwide respect and love for Mother Earth and animals’ rights.

Ann Margaret Mills' Poems

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