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No Roses
By Ann Margaret Mills

Violence was red
Violence was blue
dMemories of bruises
I gave to you
Memories of blood-lust
You gifted to me
Never allowed
To be joyous and free
Never to find
The happiness we sought
In each other's arms
Because we were fraught
With endless denials
And endless screams
Blaming each other
No peace in our dreams
Not watered or fed
Once love withered in rot
Only open veins bled
And tormented souls fought
Values misguided
Made us weary and weak
No longer your arms
Does my troubled soul seek
Violence was red
Violence was blue
Now peace is the gift
That I leave to you

"No Roses," Copyright © 2014 by Ann Margaret Mills
Posted June 19, 2014

By Ann Margaret Mills

woe is me
unto the dark i fall
woe is me
evil is it's call
woe is me
in my court, the ball
woe is me

wow is me
at last i stand up tall
wow is me
making choices all
wow is me
my world is big, not small
wow is me

Written 10/01/1998

"change." Copyright © 2014 by Ann Margaret Mills

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