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Pamela was co-chair of our group, Poetry in Progress, for two years.
She began as a guest speaker for our group. When we discovered she lived in DeSoto, Texas
where our group met, we invited her to join us and she did. When she read her poems in our meetings
you could hear a pin drop in the room. Her poems spoke her beautiful soul and her warm
humanity. She shared her journey in her work, as best described in the poem below:
The Limo. Pam taught us what it means to accept yourself with humility and love and
it was those qualities that shone forth in her poems. In Are We There Yet? (below) Pam expresses
some of the difficulties and uncertainties of the journey while knowing Who is in the
drivers seat. To her prescient question in that poem, we can now answer: "You are, Pam."

Pamela Michelle (known to most as Pam Miller) passed away December 9, 2016.
We will miss her kind, artistic and generous spirit. May you be our muse, lady.

Arrangements: Celebrate the Life of Pamela Miller
Saturday 17th December @ 5:00 pm,
Eternal Rest Funeral Home - 1400 N. Hmapton Rd, DeSoto, TX
Pam's Annual Holiday Party Immediately After
940 Echobrook Place
DeSoto, TX 75115

Video of announcement and music chosen to show her love of life


Are We There Yet?
By Pamela Michelle

Are we there yet?
I ask again, trying hard to keep the irritation from coming through in my voice
I'm in the back of the limo
Rolling along at a steady pace
Safe and secure in my driver's care
I've put on my make-up and combed my hair
Ready to arrive at my destiny
Confident that my driver knows the way
Sitting on the edge of the seat and tapping my feet
Looking out the window for a clue, a sign, a street
A glimpse of what is yet to come
Impatiently waiting for this journey to be done
We ride…
Through treacherous storms to sunny skies
Easily avoiding accidents and obstacles that arise
We roll…
The rhythmic beat of tires hitting the pavement
The driver whispering words of encouragement
Lulled into a sense of security and trusting my fate
I awake…
Are we there yet?
I ask again, with a little more urgency coming through
in my voice
I'm in the back of the limo
Rolling along in the lap of luxury
Watching the driver smile at me in the rearview mirror
Full of excitement and bubbling with expectation
Trying hard to contain my growing frustration

The destination should be closer now
With certainty I know that I will not be denied
The prize I imagine at the end of this ride
Are we there yet?
Thinking back to how this road trip started out
How I was full of fear and doubt
The limo waited patiently for me to get inside
As I walked the road alone and cried
I smile back at the driver for now I know
The wisdom that he has tried to bestow
l sit back, relax, and let him drive
Although I'm anxious to arrive
When I got in the back and accepted his care
I was already there…

"Are we there yet?" Copyright © 2013 by Pamela Michelle
Posted March 19, 2013

Author's note: This poem is about accepting God's care, but also about the anxiousness that accompanies that decision.

The Limo
Pamela Michelle

The limo waits…
Big, black, and shiny
A luxury I feel unworthy of
Still, it waits for me.

I stand outside the limo
Because I am afraid to get in
Without knowing my destination
Without knowing how fast or how far I will go
Without having the control of driving
The limo waits for me.

I am thirsty and there is water
I am hungry and there is food
I am cold and there is warmth
I am lonely
And there is a driver that knows me oh so well
All inside the limo
It waits for me.

There is comfort inside the limo
Yet, I am afraid to be comforted
And get too comfortable
There is love inside the limo
Yet, I am afraid to be loved
And later betrayed
Everything I could possibly need and more
Are waiting for me inside the limo…

I stand outside the limo
Because I know, that I don't know
How it will all turn out…
My feet hurt and I'm awfully tired
Still, it waits for me.

I stand outside the limo
I long to grab the handle and open the door
To a journey I'm uncertain of
Instead, I cry…hot tears of fear and regret
I long to get inside
Close my eyes
And ride…
Until I do, the limo waits for me.

"The Limo," Copyright © 2013 by Pamela Michelle
Posted February 15, 2013

Author's note: The Limo is my interpretation of "turning my will and my life over to the care of God". It expresses the resistance, fear, and longing associated with being cared for. It also highlights a patient and loving God that waits.

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