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Bride to be's Note from the past
By Sandy O'Neill

The young bride to be slipped into the church and sat in
the pew.

The altar was simple stained glass windows reflecting
beams of light.

Her goal had been to find peace before her big day, the
next morning.

She took out the note her Mother had written before she
had passed away.

She touched each word with love and reverence as tears
gently flowed .

IT wasn't grief , but completeness, healing in it's own
beautiful way.

She felt someone behind her, a whiff of roses and a
gentle breeze stirring her hair.

Her Mom's essence was there. The Young woman smiled
feeling the smile matching hers.

"Bride to be's Note from the past," Copyright © 2016 by Sandy O'Neill
Written 06/16/2016
Posted June 30, 2016

Silent Words
By Sandy O'Neill

Streams of light following a path of thoughts
forming into patterns of color, layering one
over another.

Soft gentle tones gathering momentum into
loud invisible vibrations forming words jumbled
in the mind.

See Me. Hear Me. Know Me.
Then again retreating into a profound silence.

"Silent Words," Copyright © 2016 by Sandy O'Neill
Posted May 29, 2016

By Sandy O'Neill

Pain keeps the soul hidden
Pain punishes the spirit
Pain folds the self inward
to shrink and be invisable
Pain does not nurture
it tears life's fabric
Pain meets out anger in hap hazard doeses
to see if it can win.

"Pain," Copyright © 2015 by Sandy O'Neill
Posted January 8, 2015

Spiritual Turmoil
By Sandy O'Neill

The heart welcomes being spiritual
The mind splits into discouragement
The Soul awakens the Spirit
The mind again wavers in Faith
The heart stays steadfast in belief
The mind bows to honor the strength of the unseen.

"Spiritual Turmoil," Copyright © 2015 by Sandy O"Neill
Posted January 8, 2015

Voice of Mother Earth
By Sandy O'Neill

Listen to the voice of the water, choking on the debris
that unthinking people have thrown away, slowed down
by modern waste and pollution
Where is the melody of her clear water, the songs of rocks
and flowing tides of energy?
Listen to the voice of Mother Earth pleading to breathe clean air again.
We need to grow trees for animals to live at peace, instead of
destroying them for gain.
Listen to those who care.
Teach young ones to honor all living things.
These are the voices of the future.
May they see with vision and hearts of change

Throught the Veil of Sadness
By Sandy O'Neill

Through the Veil of sadness
I see unraveling of the
Tapestry that was our family
Too many loved ones gone
One after the other
The announcement of new
lives being born close together
brings the threads of a tapestry
of renewed hope, faith, joy

"Throught the Veil of Sadness," Copyright © 2013 By Sandy O'Neill

Strong Woman Come
By Sandy O'Neill

Strong woman, sing your song,
As thr sacred shadows come into the light
The truth of being and knowing
Riding the wind as breath
Once again, the songs of the ancients
Moving among hearts that seek answers
To the primal call of earth, wind, fire and water
All energies coming together as fingers beckoning
Come dance the dance of life
Faster and faster as we blend into the night
Becoming stars that sit, watch and wait

"Strong Woman Come," Copyright 2013 by Sandy O'Neill

Kay 2008
By Sandy O'Neill

When you died the trees were a litany of beauty and grace
A wave of understanding between human and nature
There are no words necessary
A deep communion of knowledge
A honoring of the Creator
As the wind brings it's voice, it adds sound
This time a whisper of peace
Other times a roar of power, spiraling into calmness
The earth welcomes you into it's beckoning silence

"Kay 2008," Copyright © 2013 By Sandy O'Neill

How We Engage with Humanity
By Sandy O'Neill

Consider the lives that have been changed in churches, sweat lodges, temples and mosques
We dwell in the spiritual spaces
We pray with the words we know in each separate heart, yet come together in spirit
When God looks down, he doesn't see who is right or better
He sees soul's lights sparkling
Where we walk isn't important, how we walk, profound
How we think is life changing
We are not so different, we are all related
How we love connects us to a common thread of humanity

Hannah's Baby
By Sandy O'Neill

Little one you are a shadow
On a screen
The reality of a miracle
Coming to us as a blessing
The family has been like
A puzzle at times
Pulling apart, then fitting
Together as a whole
You in your innocence
Will pull at the strings of each member
Opening hearts and bringing tender smiles
Thank you for coming to your mama and us
We rejoice and already love you

Chiming Bells
Sandy O'Neill

I would like to think I hear
a bell each time an angel took a child
and adult under their wings in Sandy Hook
as they were carried to heaven
Gathering the grief and despair
like a net where the holes could
still filter down the essence of faith
courage and someday forgiveness
Then wafting grace in it's
purest form,
love , comforting those who were left behind
Blessing one and all

"Chiming Bells," Copyright © 2012 by Sandy O'Neill
Posted December 31, 2012

Editor's Note: This poem is also in the Newtown / Sandy Hook Project

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