Kay Parsons' Poems



By Kay d.

beast of burden, strapped in place
plodding a step-by-step pace.

harness removed at day's end
food, water, touch from a friend.

dreamless sleep until the sun
signals repeat has begun.

man belted and shod in place
push pedal to start the race.

coat and tie off at day's end
drink and war news in the den.

sedated sleep till the clock
startles roll over and rock.

This poem is a response to Poetic Prompt # 2

Covering Canvas
By: Kay Parsons

the man in running shoes sits,
painting the next to join the assembly line
leaning in rows against the fence.

commerce at the community art fair,
landscapes are the first to go,
easy on both eye and mind.

in the sunshine, wearing a western hat,
brush swiping sky, trees, earth
tension, wild and driving, unknown.

van gogh's self portrait with straw hat,
the eyes that saw sunflowers of the soul.
the artist who dies so that in awe we see.

© Copyright, Kay Parsons 2011

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