Ebon'Nae Piggee's Poems

Double murder
By Ebon'Nae Piggee

I hope healing meets you at the place of your pain and the passion of life doesn't eat away at the hope for your souls growth.

Until one day what you've been grasping for is rotten to the core, and your orginal twinges are perpetuated by success.

Then you inventory your journey and realize you've been held captive.

Reaching and pulling... until the creation that once was God's breath, is now perverted by hatred, bitterness, unresolved love, and tainted ambition.

The black whole (hole) has got you in submission...

Point your guns towards that space!

Alas, you commit a double murder.

Homicide, suicide

Author's note: We all have pain from our past that some how makes its way into our future. If we're not careful we can allow our ambitions to distract us from seeking healing for our soul wounds. creating a domino effect they may lead to self destruction and the sabotage of any thing good in your life.

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