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Lenny and his 5 other brothers and sister were raised in Singapore in the home of somewhat-famous missionaries, Rev. Roy & Phyllis Roberston.  Roy left behind a million-dollar auto sales business run by his father across from the Dr. Pepper plant in Dallas, Texas to be the last missionary to enter Shanghai before it fell to the communists.  (There may be some truth in the statement, "Slow Boat to China".) 

Lenny's father never did complete his business degree at SMU, but did run his missionary organization, TEL, on a shoestring.  Lenny also became a missionary to China for 14 years, from 1989 to 2002.  He tried to recruit his bride, Triphina, 10 years ago, to be a missionary there, but she had major culture shock. 

Lenny is an ordained minister, like his late father, and is starting a house church, Jubilee Tabernacle, in Lancaster, TX. 

He is also writing poems now.  He discovered he was a poet when he started writing love poems to a former missionary to China in 1989, but it was just not meant to be. 

Triphina grew up in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas and in Homer, Louisiana.  They met each other at a messianic Jewish church a week before Lenny returned to China in 2001, quick enough to become engaged 4 days later. 

Besides a poetic tribute to his mother and to his dad, Lenny is writing a biography about his parents in which he is telling how his dad went from a sailor, to Baptist Student leader at Texas A&M, to surviving Pearl Harbor, to becoming a Navy pilot, to becoming a founding member of Missionary Aviation Fellowship (until he broke his arm), to becoming a son of a millionaire helping his dad sell cars (uh, was it Studabakers or Hudsons?), to becoming a missionary (and accidentally a spy), and to becoming a Bible teacher, while working with Billy Graham, Dawson Trotman and Dick Hillis.  Roy's first wife, of China Inland Mission, is buried in Karuizawa, Japan, and his 2nd wife is buried with him in DFW National Cemetary. 

Lenny himself likes teaching children's church best.  He hopes to move to Israel with his wife some day and learn more Hebrew, which he began to study at Criswell College in 1993 during a furlough.

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