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Another Lie
By Russell Robison

Today I feel so alone,
not mired in woe
nor trampled by time

but misplaced

while I remain uncomfortable
with my fingers
describing days,
it seems to be the only comfort

my grace will not be

the frailty
of life, and love,
Are all fair game

While amidst it all
Still lives the question,

Was it all a lie

"Another Lie," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted July 25, 2013

Battle Hymn
By Russell Robison

I have heard the song men sing
When they must fight and die
Forever humbled I remain
By those who made that try
A song that's filled with hope and yet
A song of sad refrain
A song so full of courage
Though a song of so much pain
Each one a song so different
Yet a song so much the same
A song found in the madness
As they played the deadly game
A song that tears your heart out
As it fills you up with pride
A song that lives forever
In a special place inside

"Battle Hymn," Copyright 2013 by Russell Robison
Received May 25, 2013

Still Shouting
By Russell Robison

Don't care if I'm remembered
We're all just passing through
But there are those I can't forget
Who fought with hearts so true
The ones you've never heard of
The ones who took the fall
The ones in spite of all the odds
Stood up and gave their all
I know that they're forgotten
Yet they burn inside my heart
And I will stand and shout of them
Until I must depart

"Still Shouting," Copyright 2013 by Russell Robison
Received May 25, 2013

The Land of Nothing Right
By Russell Robison

Till the ending of my time
I still see them so bright
In that place my youth was killed
A land called nothing right
My words can never tell you
How I watched them rise and fall
Never in my life have I seen
Men who stood so tall
Knowing that the past will always
Bring too much to feel
Knowing that the wounds inside my soul
Will never heal
Still the endless quest
To try and tell you of them true
For had you shared my sight
I know that you would do it too

"The Land of Nothing Right," Copyright 2013 by Russell Robison
Received May 25, 2013

My Brother
By Russell Robison

In the fight you find some answers
In the fight you learn insane
That was how it was there
Upon that river full of pain
Have you ever held a dying friend
And begged them not to go
There are some moments in my life
That I pray you never know
Why do I write such words about
A brother gone so long
Because he still lives in my heart
And I still hear his song

"My Brother," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Received May 25, 2013

Can You Not Hear My Heart
By Russell Robison

I go to the darkest places in my life
With my words
Some ask why I do not flee them
I would answer them this way
That it was in the darkest of those nights
I learned the true meaning of light
I have written for more that forty years
About that darkness
There are those who say I write too much
About war
And to them I say
That I have never, ever, written about war
That always, always,
I have written about love
For greater love hath no man
Than to lay down his life for another
And I was but a witness

"Can You Not Hear My Heart," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Received May 25, 2013

By Russel Robison

In this month we call November,
I have many anniversaries. Most of them come from a distant time,
branded in my heart as I grew to be a man and learned the realities of this world. Perhaps the enemy was aware of our holidays, for in my time there, they always spoke to us in harsh ways upon them. They are filled with moments of grief, joy, and sadness, and yet, always hope has remained. Those torn from us are indelibly etched inside, and though they are a lesson of what was, and what shouldn't be, they have not ruled my life, more than that, they have been a reminder of the greatness within us. So tonight as I sit here in the silence and watch the parade of faces and names return, again I think of the kindness in them, and I dream of a better day. I know not why the words come, or from where. I have often thought they are their words, whispering in the night to tell me they are still here, and have never left, and I have the duty to simply pass them on. I do not know, but it is a thought that comforts me. I was humbled long ago by the willing sacrifice of those around me, and I have always kept the lessons they taught very close to my heart. I learned that it is indeed the 'giving' that marks the road to God, for it is only then that we ever truly receive.

"November," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Received April 25, 2013

By Russel Robison

Inside that place where pain is wrought
I learned a truth I'd never sought
And to their alter I still kneel
The one called 'sacrifice so real'

I learned too much, or so I'm told
It touched my soul with such a cold
The nature of the beast it's said
As we stood there among the dead

Too many know that angry way
And see those things that always stay
A quiet truth so deeply burned
That sorrow comes, with knowledge learned

"Sorrow," Copyright © 2013 by Russel Robison
Posted April 15, 2013

Editor's Note: Russell had wanted to attend one of the meeting of our group, Poetry in Progress and I had invited him to be a guest speaker. His severe disability prevented him from coming, however, he sent this poem to me and said that he had wanted to read it at the meeting had he been able to come.
- Glenn Currier, Editor

By Russel Robison

They never speak about the ones
Whose chairs have wheels instead
They never speak about the ones
Still lost inside their head

They never speak about the ones
They keep far from our sight
They don't want us reminded
Of the cost for those who fight

They never speak about the ones
Who struggle to sustain
Deserving far much better
As they still endure the pain

Their silence is the worst of all
For they don't want to see
What happens to the ones who pay
The price for liberty

"Speechless," Copyright © 2013 by Russel Robison
Posted April 15, 2013

By Russel Robison

Troubled are these eyes that see
A world of inhumanity
So distant now, do we remain
Unworthy still of His domain

How much further, till we learn
The time has come for us to turn
And face the storm and say 'no more'
It's time to end this thing called war

I dream of things that are not so
I dream of things I'll never know
We don't belong among the stars
Until we learn to heal the scars

"Scars," Copyright © 2013 by Russel Robison
Posted April 15, 2013

Bridge Of Pain
By Russell Robison

Far too long my distance
Far too long apart
I've tried to come back to this world
That I have let depart
Repairs are temporary
As I try to find my way
Some wounds will never heal
Though I still face them every day
There's something in me broken
That I still cannot explain
A bridge that I can't cross
Because it's built with too much pain

"Bridge of Pain," Copyright 2013 by Russell Robison
Received April 13, 2013

By Russell Robison

An angry voice of so much need
These scars within I know still bleed
They humble me in nights too long
But with me I know they belong
I wonder who I might have been
Had I not met them way back when
Perhaps a saner soul I'd be
Had I passed up that fight to free
A trusting soul I chose to go
A bald faced lie that crazy show
To see the very least of man
A war to fight without a plan
I'm weary of their need to rise
But when they come its no surprise
Too well we know just who we are
Each one a very special scar

"Flotsam," Copyright 2013 by Russell Robison
Received April 13, 2013

Ironclad Warriors
By Russell Robison

A day so full of darkest night
Filled up with everything not right
The laughter and the smiles at dawn
Be rest assured that they were gone
A day seducing, river too
Until they turn and come for you
Too many such they came to know
Still down that river they would go
Though old I am yet still I see
That battle line that fought to free
Ironclad warriors on their way
That I remember everyday

"Ironclad Warriors," Copyright 2013 by Russell Robison
Received April 13, 2013

God's Children
By Russell Robison

Long ago and much too far
I learned just who we really are
So much more than we were told
For in us shines a heart so bold
The children of the stars are we
Kept from all that we should be
A people one who seek much more
Than what the high ones have in store
When love we know is what is due
Don't ever let hate take from you
The truth that burns inside your heart
That only love makes pain depart
We are Gods children this is true
Who showed us all what we should do
He sent His Son to show the way
When will we stand and walk that way

"God's Children," Copyright 2013 by Russell Robison
Received April 13, 2013

The Circle Rules
By Russell Robison

A whisper came reminding
Of a truth from long before
That we can't comprehend at all
That no one wins in war

The battles rage and then they cease
But still the circle rules
And once again the fighting starts
For this poor ship of fools

Its time the world surrendered up
The past and all its wrong
For that is what's required
If we want to sing our song

"The Circle Rules," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted April 13, 2013

By Russell Robison

I will leave you soon
But there is something you must know
That though I still must leave
Know that I'll always love you so

You are but one reason
I have come so very far
Do the world a favor
And don't change just who you are

I've met so many people
On this journey I have known
And each in their own way
Has helped me find my way back home

Never think that you're not loved
You live inside my heart
And the hardest thing I say to you
Is that I must depart

"Departure," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison

Sandy Hook
By: Russell Robison

See a sign of one mans madness
See a soul that lost control
See a fool with no right answers
But to leave the saddest toll

Sick inside the head I grant you
Far beyond what's right and wrong
So instead of seeking counsel
He chose to sing his twisted song

What is left beyond his reason
All that's left a sad refrain
In his death he found his shelter
While behind he left such pain

"Sandy Hook," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted on this page March 19, 2013

Editor's Note: This poem is also listed on the Newtown / Sandy Hook Project page

That Night
By Russell Robison

We held on all thru the night
And prayed that we would be alright
Decisions made so far away
Had brought us here to face this day

And there the struggle grew in pain
To reach a frenzy none sustain
The battle raged without a soul
And on that night I lost control

As fear and anger, turned to hate
The madness still did escalate
Brave men dying on each side
Cried out to God, and not their pride

And I will always have that sight
As we fought and died that night
I still hear my dying friends
Trapped in that dream that never ends

Tomorrows hope, a dream alas
But through that door we all must pass
Each moment found, a life anew
The path behind we can't undo

The road we walked the same for all
Who saw the need, and heard the call
We held the line don't misconstrue
Lost in the land of Delta Blue

"That Night," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

By Russell Robison

The cycle, the circle,
She always runs true
No matter the problems
That man might construe

Unheeded she deftly
Disposes of dreams
Bears witness in silence
To all of our schemes

And just like a river
Whose current runs deep
She flows on forever
Never pausing to sleep

To her we are fleeting
So brief is our flight
For we are but moments
That occur in her sight

She's the ending, beginning
Each moment reborn
The sunrise and sunset
Eternal in form

She's the cycle the circle
She always runs true
Best do unto her
Before she does unto you

"Time," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

By Russell Robison

The quiet one they called him,
Someone you've never known
The look upon his face said,
Just leave this man alone

A wanderer, a nomad
Compelled to always roam
Enraged, a tiger, driven mad
Adrift without a home

He was a scar of battle,
His gun had screamed his pain
He'd asked God to forgive him,
Still he was lost again

No danger to encounter,
With all his troubled ways
Consumed beyond his reason
By the darkness of those days

He sought no further struggle
No conflict to engage
But pushed too far too quickly
He could not turn the page

His heart he kept well guarded
His security severe
He'd never let another know
About his world of fear

How could he ever tell them
What lived inside his soul
Why would he ever want them
To know he lost control

Forever clad in armor
A lowered shield no more
Defiant to his ending
As he held back the war

There was one thing about him,
Indeed no idle boast
He was the sum of all his fears
And he feared himself the most

"Requiem," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

The Vegetarian Encounter
By Russell Robison

She said she didn't eat meat
It's so vulgar now to kill
And just the thought of eating meat
Was enough to make her ill

She talked about their pain then
How brutal their demise
I said I understood that
As I ate my chicken thighs

I stopped her with a gesture
Said 'I don't mean to offend
Had she seen the rice lamenting
As they contemplate their end

Did she know the beans were praying?
Just before their salty boil
As the asparagus was burned alive
In searing olive oil

She said that fish were meatless
I said you look them in the eye
You tell them they are veggies
And that's why they get to die

Had she heard the lettuce screaming?
In the salad shooters blade
Was she haunted by those cabbages
As they drowned in hollandaise

I recalled her broccoli begging
As her teeth tore them apart
So stop it with this veggie thing
They only make me fart

"The Vegetarian Encounter," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

We Walked Away
By Russell Robison

We looked them in the eye that day
We gave our word, we said we'd stay
That we would help them with their dream
Though war's an answer so extreme

And so we joined them in the fight
We did our best to make things right
But way back home the heart beat cold
It was not a time for being bold

So we became a nightmares dawn
A twisted politicians spawn
Where no one had the heart to rule
So we became a useless tool

Now victory is never found
When indecision rules the ground
There was no honor save for those
Who fought and died, and so it goes

So lions fell while cowards spit
The torch had fallen, never lit
We lost our will and then our way
To those who fell what do we say

When leadership has lost its sight
You don't abandon those who fight
I still can hear my father say
Don't give your word and walk away

"We Walked Away," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

When Love Is There
By Russell Robison

The lifeless smile,
the spirit cold,
where once had burned
a fire so bold.

The battered heart,
the troubled eyes,
too little truth,
too many lies.

The downward gaze,
The muffled sigh
That comes with watching
Life pass by

The aching need,
So hard to bear
Healed only now
When love is there

"When Love Is There," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

A Field of Tears
By Russell Robison

Alone upon the battlefield
Alone with all the dead
Recalling all the words of steel
And what those words had said

No more a young man was he
No more a dreamer still
For he had met the real world
And he'd learned to fight and kill

His eyes brought only sorrow
His heart ached with the price
As he surveyed this field of anger
Filled with sacrifice

And so he wept there quietly
For all that each side lost
He stood there in its silence
Seeing what this day had cost

Much more than simply dying
Much more than just a fight
Before him lay the madness now
How could such wrong be right

"Field of Tears," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

By Russell Robison

Joyful for another sunrise
Joyful that I am still here
Joyful just because I know
That always God is somewhere near

Living life in such a hurry
Once again He will remind
That love is still the only treasure
The greatest gift that you can find

Matters not about tomorrow
In this world of come what may
Joyful for another sunset
Thankful for another day

"Joyful," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

Veterans Day
By Russell Robison

We stood their in the silence
That only comes with tears
We knelt beside a brother lost
Who no longer shared our fears

We wept again that morning
For a brother gone away
There was only fighting left for us
What more was there to say

But as we turned to leave him
We prayed God found him fair
For only God could know the price
We paid to leave him there

"Veterans Day," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

In Memoriam
In memory of Sgt.Tony Hunt,
11th Armored Calvary Regiment
By Russell Robison

Can you tell me, now my friend
Why the hard times, never seem to end
Another soldier of the good fights on the ground
Fallen down, fallen down, fallen down

See my brother, see my friend
His step has faltered, at journeys end
No more laughter, no more rhyme
Crazy time, crazy time, crazy time

But still I wonder, why it must be
He leaves the blind behind,
And takes the ones who see
Hey mister landlord up above I disagree
Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why

Why do the good ones, fall fast and quick
While all the rest of us, manage to stick
Goodbye my brother ,goodbye my friend
Never dreamed I would speak in memoriam

In memoriam, I sing your song
In memoriam, I sing it strong
In memoriam I lift my voice up high
In goodbye, in goodbye, in goodbye

From Russell Robison's book, The Madness

"In Memoriam: In memory of Sgt.Tony Hunt, 11th Armored Calvary Regiment," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

By Russell Robison

I send to you some verses
With a flower as the theme
Could this reflect your nature?
Or a gentle, soft-lit gleam?

A flower bears so many joys
A glimpse of life, as it springs new
No matter now the flowers size
Its colors all are true

The wind knows well the value
Of their teeming, growing life
The flower threatens nothing
Begets no pain, instills no strife

Such a simple thing a flower
At least we find it so
We forget its wondrous workings
Don't take time to watch them grow

It's as if by their decision
They would make our world so bright
Refusing us our asphalt world
With something gentle for our sight

There's a thing about a waving plain
Of flowers growing wild
That stirs this heart and soul of mine
Like a portrait God has styled

A gentle petal weaving slow
Caressing now the wind
An endless dance of spreading seed
That time has seen no end

While raindrops seek the famished earth
And roots soon quench their need
Then pollen draws the searching bee
To fulfill the mating plead

Oh pity now, all mankind
That we learn not their way
Indeed they have the answer
Found in living day by day

Could this be the flowers purpose?
To bring sanity to man
With their silence and their beauty
Make us finally understand

That you can be strong and gentle
And survive this world in peace
If only we would live their way
That day all wars would cease

From Russell Robison's book, The Madness

"Flowers," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

Bushy Tailed Bandit
By Russell Robison

There's a devil with a bushy tail
That lives next door to me
He's a crafty little sucker
Who also thinks he owns my tree

The birds call him a bandit
'Cause he likes to eat their chow
And after every visit
I could swear he takes a bow

He's got Robins getting' all riled up
The Finch's in a funk
And I swear I heard a Mockingbird
Call him a ' long tailed punk'

Oh how I love to watch him
As he mocks me every day
I know that all he's asking is
Can I come out and play

"Bushy Tailed Bandit," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
P osted March 9, 2013

Bad Vision
By Russell Robison

I have come to grips with all
That I will never be
But I have not made peace with all
That I will never see

I will never see a world
That learns to love, not hate
And never will I see this world
Consider such a fate

I will never see a world
That hears the people's plead
Or live to see the day
When no more soldiers have to bleed

Still as I am passing
There's a hope that lives in me
That someday you will find that world
That I will never see

"Bad Vision," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

By Russell Robison

There's danger in the darkness
For this still savage son
The battles long been over
But the war is never done

No longer is there shelter
To be found inside the night
Too much he still remembers
That was burned into his sight

A nightly confrontation
For he can't escape his dreams
And there is nothing louder
Than the sound of silent screams

"Dreams," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

Pamela Robison Rutledge

By Russell Robison

My name is Russell, the son of James and Dorothy, and the brother of Pamela…
I hope that many of you have had the good fortune to have known someone like her in your life…I will always
remember the small, frail, tough as nails warrior
That she was. But most of all, I will remember the size of her heart
For indeed she was a wonder to behold.

We are all Gods children, and we are all special to Him
But there was a kindness in her that always left me humbled.
It was never about her, it was always about us
It wasn't about knocking down, but always about 'lifting up'
She was always pulling us together, not pushing us apart
She was the glue to it all when it came to family.
And to her, we were all family…
But then, that was Pam

For those of you who knew her,
You will understand when I call her my wild angel,
Always taking care of everyone but herself.
She would never give up on anyone, anyone
No matter how many times they stumbled and fell
She gave of herself until she was gone
But then, that was Pam

I've seen some dark days in my life,
Hard days, difficult times
And always, always she was there…a rock defiant to any storm
That threatened those she loved,
And she loved us all…
She was my anchor in this world, my constant
She held our hearts in her hands, and helped them heal
But then, that was Pam

I had the honor of knowing her for 60 years,
and the privilege to be there at her side when she left us.
She died like her mother died,
Surrounded by those who loved her, and cared about her,
I don't think it gets any better than that….
I know that she would have never left us if she weren't needed elsewhere,
That was just her way,
To go where the need was, and do what she could to help…
I can understand why God might want her closer to His heart,
She was that special

But then, that was Pam


"Pamela Robison Rutledge 1943-2007," Copyright © 2013 by Russell Robison
Posted March 9, 2013

Ode to the Yam
By: Delta Blue

I'm just a yam
Now what more can I say
I can be sweet
When you treat me that way

I go well with butter
And bacon bits too
When I am cooked proper
I'll go well with you

Sometimes I'm whipped
And then poured in a crust
Thrown in an oven
Till I think I'll bust

If ever we meet
Know that one thing is true
That I'm high in fiber
And just passing through

"Ode to the Yam," Copyright c 2013 by Delta Blue
Posted February 15, 2013

[Editor's Note: This poem is a response to Poetic Prompt # 6 : "Write a poem about a fruit and/or vegetable."]

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