Roland Ruiz' Poems


Winter’s Follies
By Roland Ruiz
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Within the valley of a mountain shade
It seems the stings of winter begins to fade
Felt within the howling winds that flow
A change of season will soon bestow

For this cold has been a terrible blow
One to remember one to sow
Records broken in many cases
Implanting memories in far away places

But off in the distance spring can be heard
Like the soar of a Eagle attacking winter with a surge
Bringing relief from the path of the frigid North air
Allowing the trees to sprout binding the birds to pair

Even the gales from the South wind complies
Permitting God’s grace to renew it cries
As the earth adjusts to the warming air
Enticing new growth soon will appear

Flooding the landscape with a array of color
Making one jump with joy, changing our pallor
Emerging warmth will caress our bodies
Purging the details of a winter’s follies

The seasonal change which comes our way
Brings forth the rebirth in this yearly fray
From winter to spring can at times be framed
Cementing an environment uncut and untamed

Editor's Note:  This poem is submitted as a response to Poetic Prompt # 32

"Winter's Follies," Copyright © 2017 by: Roland R. Ruiz
Written February 18, 2011

Empty Pawn
By Roland Ruiz
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Dedicated: To all who suffer from this dreaded disease
Known as Alzheimer, which robs one’s mentality
Taking away the very essence of our memory
May God grant with knowledge those who
Seek the cure for this terrible malady
Bringing peace to those who witness the
Vanishing of a love one’s dignity

What lies between the breezes amid the fabric of life’s streams
A rainbow unbeknown to those who shy away from dreams
Guiding one to saunter amidst the dew of the morning dawn
In mournful moods I clamor for I’ve become an empty pawn

I tread upon this emptiness without a goal to call my own
Seeking that certain feeling which will set a binding tone
Releasing the many memories which seem to gone astray
For I am aging with forgetfulness my mind begins to stray

From a dreaded disease called Alzheimer, I fear I will succumb
To a sensation of not knowing, my brain churning to bits of crumbs
Giving time to realize what soon will be my fate
I turn to my companion who has been my trusting mate

Caressing with tenderness I take you in my arms
Whispering sweet nothing using all my manly charms
Kissing your moisten lips letting you know how much I’ve cared
To calm what you must feel from all the years we’ve shared

With our house in order, we will pray what days remain
Be filled with loving kindness that will rid us of the pain
From a terrible malady which robs one’s mentality
Recalling all we ever done, will soon be your reality

So know my darling dearest I’ll soon walk all alone
With only fading recollections of this loving home
Take care and do not fear, for God will guide my heart
Towards a beacon of lasting light, which takes away the dark?

"Empty Pawn," Copyright © 2017 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written September 15, 2011

Editor's Note:  This poem was written in response to Poetic Prompt # 32

An Empty Quest
By Roland R. Ruiz
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Dedicated: Those who seek a fullness
To one’s soul with the understanding that
Life can be cruel at times when searching
For remedies to quell an emptiness residing
Between the shadows of our hearts

Within the valley of our soul
Screams dreams alluding loneliness
Seeking a warmth to quell the cold
We stroll the avenues of an empty quest

We seek the shelter known as love
To calm the restlessness of a broken heart
In this rush we push we shove
Towards a destiny so bleak and stark

Between the sorrows of our guilt
Hides the memories of our shame
Unnourished of love they tend to wilt
We stutter in silence in offering blame

It’s hard to forget the times shared as one
Amid the tears we giggled with laughter
Creating a daughter along with a son
Not knowing the years would bring disaster

So know we’ll go our separate way
Regrets are lost as we build anew
For life is short no time to stray
Changes will come in the winds that brew

It’s best at times to take command
A rendering of peace as we depart
Decisions decided no longer demand
As we set sails to a new course we’ll chart

"An Empty Quest," Copyright © 2017 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written September 10, 2017

Image: Surf and lovers in clouds

This Longing
By Roland R. Ruiz
Audio: Roland reading his poem MP3

Author’s Note:
The poem “This Longing” came about after my intestinal surgery in mid-2015, in which I almost died, I spent 8 hours in the operating room.  After finding out from my doctor along with my wife how close I came to losing my life these thoughts came to me, thinking the time was right for me to share my feelings in hope others who have lost their beloved will take solace in the words I’ve shared.  Thanks………puddles1947………..

Dedicated: Those who have lost the
Love of their life and try to cope
With feelings of loneliness
Which causes a heart to pine
For the sacred memories lost
But not forgotten

An urge I have not had before
Has settled upon my soul
A sadness deep in my inner core
Brings feelings somber and cold

Since your demise I'm not the same
Without your love there is no hope
My heart remains in constant pain
This longing I'm unable to cope

But in the middle of the night
I hear the whisper of your thoughts
In dreams which say all is right
They sing such beauty dearly sought

From visions stored so lovely cherished
What breathless time we enjoyed as one
The glow of your smile was always the fairest
Sweet images to keep and never shun

Calms the restlessness within my soul
Resolves the fears enlacing the heart
Ignites an ember that's no longer cold
Conveys a feeling of not being apart

Which gives me strength to face the day
A way for me to forget this surge
For the hurt and pain I hold at bay
Gives solace for the day we'll merge

For now I will accept this fate
Until the day when we shall meet
Embracing each other at heaven's gate
Enjoying the manna of his heavenly feast

"This Longing," Copyright © 2017 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written August 23, 2015

Fabric of Time
By Roland R. Ruiz
Audio of Roland reading his poem  WMA version - MP3 version

Is death the breeze, which blows away
The very fabric of time
Will it come quickly like the winds, which sway
In the hidden notes of a forgotten chime

Within the silence of a throbbing heart
Exists a calmness the nature of necessity
I wonder will this destiny soon depart
Towards clouds of peace created by reality

Opening a gate to the unknown
Exposing a lonely trodden road
I've never traveled before yet knowing I'm alone
Bedazzled and feeling the pressure from the load

I trek beyond my mortal fears
Towards a goal I hope to make
Amid the moisture of flowing tears
I take control for my very sake

Hearing the death knell of the breeze
It shakes the outer edge of time
Forcing the trees to drop their leaves
Enticing my soul to wither and pine

Leaving this place of contentment
I'll gather new thoughts within this ride
To all that waits in wonderment
With open eyes and sorrowful pride

I wait to greet my fate

"Fabric of Time," Copyright  © 2017 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written July 13, 2009
Posted here July 22, 2017

Editor's Note:  This poem was submitted as a response to Poetic Prompt # 30, my thanks for this beautiful piece by Roland - Glenn Currier

Image: My Birthday Rose

Embers of Thoughts
By Roland R. Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem: MP3

Dedicated: My far away friend
Who lives in mountain air
In a country far from here
At rainbows end sweet roses bloom
God's blessings to you I send

What clings inside a garden rose
Which holds sweet thoughts so clear
Embers of thoughts carefully composed
Like rainbows we hold so dear

Across the wide ocean with swells so stark
Lie multitudes of color reflected in the dew
Which brings a fondness to one's heart
Melancholy in nature conveying memories so true

Within the rainbows which sing of rhyme
Embeds the shadows of thoughtful care
Sweet melodies enlacing poetic chime
Embracing feelings we dare to bare

From stanzas we write so ever pure
Resides memories we savor and keep
Along with the friendship we endure
Dwells the reasons as poets we seek

Mountain air embeds sweetness changes the gloom
Enticing smiles to banish the frowns
As the wind blows across rose petals that bloom
For in your rose garden precious friendship abounds

"Embers of Thoughts," Copyright 2017 by: Roland R. Ruiz
Posted March 15, 2017 - Written October, 26, 2015

image: surf

Tides of Time
By Roland Ruiz
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Dedicated: Those former lovers
From years past whose eyes meet
Across the room rekindling memories
Of a tryst once held and still remembered

As we seek the flowing streams along this rugged course
Is the boundary which we share just a memory from the past
Will shameful desires be found in the specters of remorse?
In bending heart and soul, will moments expand so dreams will last?

A Rose by a rambling brook
In the early misty morn
Brings the sharpness of a daunting look
From a face so weathered and worn

Like the many straining shadows, to dash this urge of mine?
Our roving eyes come to meet, across a crowded room
Bringing back forgotten thoughts, as memories begin to pine
Of love we once enjoyed as the past begin to loom

Wishing reverting passion would slowly commence to stray
Trying to hide the feelings, I stared another way
You with your husband, me with my wife
Slowly turning towards each other, we smile to cover the strife

Concealing the sultry feelings we shared so long ago
I whispered to my beloved, it's best we do take leave
Wondering as the door is closed could she possibly know
Not a word was said as we drove home thru the rustling leaves

I feel a sudden sadness that I cannot explain
Deep inside I fear she knows of this blissful crime
It sings of lonely memories filled with lustful pain
Of the tryst, I tried to hide amid the tides of time

"Tides of Time," Copyright © 2009 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written May 10, 2009

Image: Lady Mary Wilson
Lady Mary Wilson of Rievaulx

By Roland Ruiz
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Dedicated: Norma Southwood from England
A poetry friend who introduced me to the poetry
of Lady Mary Wilson who wrote:

If I can write before I die
One line of purest poetry
Or crystallize for all to share
A thought unique a moment rare
Within one sentence clear and plain
Then I shall not have lived in vain

Untitled introduction from Selected Poems (1970)
(Wife of the late Prime Minister Harold Wilson)

Fits the old saying which is true
(Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery)

If I could write a line or two
Prestigious in form and sublime
Containing not an ounce of rue
Encasing destiny so refined
Within the dunes of the sand
One hears the echoes of the chime
Poetically expressed we understand
The reasons why the words must rhyme

"Reasons," Copyright © 2016 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written April 16, 2014
Posted September 29, 2016

Image: Cold Street

Old Age
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem MP3

Dedicated: Those who feel old age has
Robbed them of their mentality, but alas
Old age is not the end, just the beginning
If one lets the mind become one with the heart

Along this cold and narrow street
I walk towards my destiny
Hoping as I saunter I shall defeat
The questions about my sanity

Old age has begun to creep on me
Memories begin to fad in and out
My mind is not what is used to be
I have the urge to shout out loud

I'm not lost I still hold the key
To many lost forgotten dreams
So clear for one and all to see
My saneness echoes as it screams

I shall accept the advancing years
Will deal with all that comes my way
Regretting all which flows with tears
This life still has much to say

I'm now resigned to this fallacy
Growing old can be unkind
This life has become a travesty
What time remains been redefined

Advancing years has taken its toll
The mind and body are not in sync
Makes no difference I still control
The unbridled heart is now my link

"Old Age," Copyright © 2016 by Roland Ruiz
Written September 02, 2016
Posted September 16, 2016


Image: sun through clouds

By Roland Ruiz
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The poem Obstacles is dedicated to those
who at times feel life over the years
life has abandoned them
without any concern for their well being
hope lies within the heart they need but listen

The strength to overcome obstacles lies within the heart
It awakes a reality which at times can shear a will apart
Any and all emerging light which attests one's life's chart
Can establish an essence of hopefulness buried within the dark

Eroding the pains and hurts collected over solemn years
Placating memories induced from the stream of flowing tears
Shattering lonely echoes of long forgotten cheers
Entraps many efforts from manifesting fears

Rearranging the webs weaved will guide us to the fold
To overcome what is predestined is a lofty goal
Advancing time along with age makes us very bold
Enough to shake the very fiber encrusted within our soul

Amid the spray of an ocean swell with never ending peaks
A sacred haunt known to exist will bring a peace one seeks
Our lives contains no barrier or quest which is too steep
For faith in the conveyor will cleanse the sins we weep

"Obstacles," Copyright c 2016 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written March 23, 2011
Posted August 22, 2016

Editor's Note: This poem was submitted as a response to Poetic Prompt # 22

Image: Dallas police badge with black ribbon

Silent Rage
By Roland Ruiz
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Dedicated: To the five police officers who lost their lives
On the streets of Dallas and those who wear the blue
Who took an oath to protect and to serve
At times they endure a life
Filled with convictions to undermine those
Who create havoc and distrust
Upon the streets of our cities and towns
And to my nephew Michael Gonzalez who
Is a police officer in Dallas, Texas
May God be with you Michael, and all those
Who serve and protect our great nation

Half hidden behind a curtain
Disguised in a silent rage
Lies a future so uncertain
Which keeps us in a cage

What choices have we to plea
As new laws become deranged
By those who hold the key
Unlocking what's soon to change

A life style we've grown to accept
Well earned by those who work
Now threatened by those inept
Who roam the streets and lurk

In this rift they call protest
We've lost some brave and bold
These souls now lie at rest
May their memories never grow cold

Soon the winds will blow
Across this land we love
Fears will start to grow

As we prepare a peaceful shove

"Silent Rage," Copyright © 2016 by Roland Ruiz
Written July 21, 2016 posted here August 8, 2016

Image: Mountain - climber

The Summit of Your Love
By Roland Ruiz
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Dedicated: To all those who have made
Choices in life concerning love
If the years could be rolled back
What changes would life unfold
For those who walked away
From memories laced with regrets

If I could climb towards the summit, which contains all my love for you
If I could reach and touch your lips, and kiss softly the thoughts you hold inside for me
What bliss would we enjoy, as I caress the memories we once embraced, so many years ago
As I climb the snow tipped mountain, known as the Matterhorn

From another place and time the thoughts for you I hold inside
Keeps peace within my mind
Decisions in life are often made, which decides the fate we'll take
As we ride towards the goals we seek, in our stroll to a higher place

Did I make the wrong choice, in turning my heart from the love you offered me
I've climbed many mountains in this world, for a mountaineer am I
But the peak, I could not conquer, is the summit of all your love
So as I age with grace and do what is needed to seal the fate I've chose

The dreams for you will always be of the passion I left behind
And all my thoughts of the mountains I've climbed will be like an afterthought
For the crest I could not capture, is the love I lost when I turned away
From the beauty that lies in your soul

"The Summit of Your Love," Copyright © 2016 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written December 21, 2006 - Posted August 8, 2016

Image: jumbled-words---tag5-by-fiona.khan2000

Jumbled Words
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem | MP3 format | WMA format

Dedicated: To those who at times
Feel they've lost the key to what
They hold so dearly
Aging often will be the reason

I fear my days are numbered
In the words I try to rhyme
Often when I'm slumbered
Fantasies entice the mind

For poetry is my staple
Which is held so close to heart?
Jumbled words invite fable
From caverns long and stark

But now it's getting harder
To blend the written lines
Sentiments are getting farther
Away from poetic chimes

It's been a bit contriving
I believe I've lost the key
Is there no way of retrieving
Of how it used to be

To thoughts which flowed so clearly
Inside enchanting dreams
Where stanzas came so readily?
Much more then what it seems

Now the waning dawns
Which used to come with glitter?
No longer sings of songs
As I slowly age and wither

"Jumbled Words," Copyright © 2016 by Roland R. Ruiz

Image: Dazzling Stars

Dazzling Sensations
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem | MP3 format | WMA format

Dedicated: Those who view the grandeur
Of the nighttime sky and ponder why
Such wonders exists and to whom
this miraculous exhibits belongs too
We can only imagine

In my trek upon this dark and lonely road
Dazzling sensations lie within the twilight
Reflecting wonders of a hevenly mode
Illuminates the sky with stars so bright

Of this entrancing magical aura
Containing no rules or even a flaw
Appearing each night so strikingly raw
Creations engrain within a secular law

A painted canvas brilliant and ageless
Makes one question as to whom and why
Such thoughts leave one totally breathless
Wondrous horizons one begs to sigh

Leaving no doubts of probing deceptions
Such worlds and universes are on display
Artistry exhibited beyond all perceptions
Gives reasons for this heavenly ray

"Dazzling Sensations," Copyright © 2016 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written April 03, 2016
Posted April 25, 2016

Image: Sunset

Second Chance
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem | MP3 format | WMA format

Dedicated: Those who are offered a second chance
In their venture down life's road
May they heed the warning of the roar
May they accept the change in the remaining years

Is it to late to change my fate from what it used to be
Can I change from what I was to another me
Life does dwell so quite in a second it can change
Can turn a soul upside down completely rearrange

I've faced this point in recent time
Came close to death was redefined
Heard death knock upon my door
Was it a warning as in a roar?

From faded memories unresolved
Creates the fantasies we notate
I've learned how precious hearts which throb
Upon a road we all partake

Which leads me to my destiny
This warning I will truly heed
For I have words still left in me
This gift granted has become my creed

So I'll accept this new lifestyle
This difference will help to set me free
For I have years still left to trial
This second chance has become the key

"Second Chance," Copyright c by Roland R. Ruiz
Written June 17, 2015
Posted April 26, 2016

Roland R. Ruiz

Baby Boomers
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem | MP3 format | WMA format

Never thinking I would grow so bold
As to limp into an age called old
Where the color gray is all the rage
As the sands of time turn another page

My youth is where I long to be
Where one has no responsibility
A normal kid without nobility
Far too young for even chivalry

But still a place I would rather live
Not here where there's more take then give
For the Baby Boomers are now in bloom
Is old age the beginning of our doom

I cry for the memories of the past
Why did they have to run so fast
Like wine evaporating from a cask
Our youth regrettably does not last

Once one reaches a certain age we're told
It wakes us to our mortal soul
Feelings that at time feel cold
Make one long to be in the Master's fold

Am I dishearten for what comes my way
I've lived my years, have had my say
I wonder what will end my day
Will I be sad for what I must pay

So I'll bid adieu to my youth
Find myself a secluded booth
Reminisce of what I've missed
Hoping what time remains will come with bliss

This Senior Citizen accepts the advancing years
Regretting the memories that shed the tears
Heading forward to meet the cheers
On the dawn of a new day and a happy new year

"Baby Boomers," Copyright c 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written December 11, 2010
Posted December 14, 2015

Image: Roland Ruiz
Roland Ruiz back home and back together again. Go Rolo!

Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem | MP3 format | WAV format |
WMA format

Dedicated: Evangelina, the love of my life
who sets the course to a better life
My partner till death due us part

Angie wonders now that Roland is whole again
will he be better will he stay thin
will his snarls turn into a grin
will he loose his double chin

I'll cook just what he needs to eat
so his arse will fit the toilet seat
when he eats his cream of wheat
he has no problems when he takes a leak

The winds that blow out his hole
even comes when he does stroll
loud as can be and ever so bold
in his walk around the telephone pole

He'll miss the foods that made him fat
but his new body will be trim as a cat
he might even chase down a rat
would that be something for us to chat

It will take time to loose the pounds
he'll need to exercise parade the grounds
I'll see to it he makes the rounds
for I'm the Queen, I wear many crowns

So Humpty Dumpty has been mended
Beacon friends please be lending
your support will be so consending
my Rolo's weight is now descending

"Humpty Dumpty back Together Again," Copyright © 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written November 21, 2015

Image: bee in apple blossom

The Bee in the Old Apple Tree
By Roland Ruiz

Dedicated: Those in life who have been
stung by a mad bee ( I included ) may they
be reminded to stay clear of the bees that
live in the trees for their sting can hurt
as well as be deadly.

I sat under an old apple tree
just the other day
as I looked up I spied a bee
who was about to stray

He flew between the apples hanging
taking straight aim at me
bracing myself for a good stinging
from this crazed bee

He stung me good which made me mad
I decided I'd better flee
from this bee that is so cad
who lives in this old apple tree

"The Bee in the Old Apple Tree," Copyright August 19, 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written August 02. 2015

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A Quiet Spot
By Roland Ruiz

Image: Poem

Image: Speaker icon  Image: musical note icon Audio with voice of Roland Ruiz MP3 version | WMA version

Image: Video icon  Image: musical note icon  Video with music background Glenn Currier reading: MP4 format

Image: Footprints

Footprints in the Sand
By Roland Ruiz

Dedicated: To those who must learn
To live without the love sown by many years
Let the hurt be healed with tender care
And may peace walk along side?
Those footprints marked upon the sands

Footprints in the sand
Mixed with the rolling tide
Creates memories across a span
Of time deeply held with pride

It's sad when one's love departs
Yet life comes with shaded rifts
Threading water within the dark
Learning to cope in storms that drift

I walk along this weathered beach
Alone without a soul to share
The thoughts for you I cannot reach
Such sweetness I can only dare

Upon these sands I'll leave footprints
To mark the trail for old time sake
You were my Princess and I your Prince
For you a Kingdom I would forsake

"Footprints in the Sand," Copyright © 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written July 17, 2013
Posted April 27, 2015

pdf version of the above poem

Image: Speaker icon Image: musical note icon Audio recording of Roland Ruiz reading his poem MP3 version  |  WMA version

Image: Rainbow over mountain by  souldad from

A Poet's Dreams
By Roland Ruiz
Audio recording with music: Roland reads his poem MP3

Of all the tributes which have been cast
Inside lost rainbows where thrives the past
Lays the best of who we are
Writers locked within a painted jar

Which holds the words born of thoughts
Colored stanzas buried within locked vaults
Rhymes to lessen the flow of pain
Incurred by life's happenstance and shame

Like regents aground along the sandy bar
Searching for the essence of who we are
Seeking a key to the outer world
We write to be freed from this swirl

I feel the wind along the river's edge
It sings of love I've soulfully pledge
To words that drift between the seams
A captive smile to all it beams

This fragrance from a poet's thought
Lives forever, paid and bought
Within the currents of the streams
Contain the melodies in a poet's dreams

"A Poet's Dream," Copyright © 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written January 6, 2011
Posted April 29, 2015

Image: Eyes Entranced

Eyes Entranced
By Roland Ruiz
Image: Speaker icon  Image: musical note icon Audio version of Eyes Entranced created by Roland Ruiz

Dedicated: Those who share a love
So deeply enduring with passion
Everlasting sealed within
The look of love

The moon lights the sky
Starlight does twinkle
It utters a love's sigh
A muttering so simple

All seen from the window
From the bedroom upstairs
The winds swirls in crescendo
As it howls and blares

Makes sleep alluring
When darkness turns cold
Gives thoughts so assuring
Igniting one's soul

It signaled it's time
For love to be real
A tempest to unbind
In a feverish zeal

A night of romance
Has indeed been shared
Between eyes entranced
Our love has been paired

"Eyes Entranced," Copyright © 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Posted March 14, 2015
Written January 19, 2015

By Roland Ruiz
Image: Speaker icon Audio version of poem read by Roland Ruiz

Dedicated: Those on the verge or in the mist
of this dreaded disease known as Alzheimer
May God bless with knowledge those who seek a cure?

I am a wondering wayfarer looking for a dream
Lost without vestige values in a valley of extreme
Seeking means from memories to pass the moments of day
The grains of sand are flowing, and I have so much to say

At times one sees and feels we're at our very best
Never thinking in reality, we've reached a solemn crest
For as we age we come in from the cold
The life we live gives meaning to our souls

What tunes the echoes what draws the shape
To words of sorrow which dissipate
The illicit hunger of someone's fate
Snarled and entrapped along the gate

They seek the remedy to free this bind
The mental anguish when one crosses the line
Entices those who are at their prime
To treasure the minutes while there's still time

Between the realms of sanity, I seek to be defined
Beyond the twilight of the dew lies a place for one to pine
I have a sense forgetfulness will soon be my demise
This creeping fog envelopes me not listening to my cries

"Wayfarer," Copyright © 2014 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written January 31, 2011
Posted November 30, 2014

Image: ../../Images-PIP/Miscellaneous/Zombie-by-Sebastian-Bages-Poblin-King-on-Flickr-com.jpg

By Roland Ruiz

Image: Speaker icon Audio recording of Zombies made by the head Zombie, Roland Ruiz himself

Dedicated: Those who find humor
In the annual event known to one and all
As Halloween night

I see the zombies are a riot
They come at night they look insane
Seeming to have a special diet
Of eating flesh and causing pain
Come Halloween night you will see
The crazies walking in funny ways
In tattered clothes smelling like pee
They'll roam the streets all will flee
For what they seek is flesh and bones
They shall eat no meat from me
My soul is warm no heart of stones
It's filled with what these ghouls do hate
A righteous man strong in faith
Will make these creatures reveal their fate
For hell waits for those who haste
To bring terror on Allhallows Eve
So I'll walk along these crowded streets
No matter how dark the night will be
For each home I visit will bring sweet treats
Avoiding the zombies I'll bite with glee

"Zombies," Copyright © 2014 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written October 20, 2013
Posted November 1, 2014

Everlasting Days
By Roland Ruiz

Image: Speaker iconAudio Recording of poem
made by Roland Ruiz

Dedicated: To those believing
There's life after death
When one accepts
The light of his ways
Shall lead to everlasting days

Into the darkness of the night
I tread to find a guiding light
To remove the rigors of this blight
Releasing the angers held so tight

Upon the rigors of the sea
I find I'm lost without a key
To rid the sins I hope will flee
A man of righteous I long to be

What steps should I take?
To calm the spirits for my sake
Is there a way is it too late
Can I escape destiny's fate?

Is there light within the dark
From what course must I chart?
To cleanse the fiber of my heart
Unloading the sins that fill my cart

So I shall seek his saving face
Due to the death his son embraced
Salvation lies at the end of the race
To all who'll accept his loving grace?

Renounce the watcher which preys
One needs to accepts God's ways
Relish the brightness of his rays
Will lead to everlasting days

"Everlasting Days, Copyright © 2014 by Roland Ruiz
Written September 30, 2014
Posted October 15, 2014

Faulty Deck
By Roland Ruiz

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made by Roland Ruiz

Dedicated to those who feel unsure?
Of what lies beyond the unknown
With hope one prays for a better world
Will lie beyond the bend for those who believe

In my ride upon the winds of change
I feel the attitude of indifference
Closing slowly trying to arrange
A subtle showing of defiance

Upon this road of unfiltered ways
I wonder what the breeze will bring
Will it howl or cry as it bays
Or bring pains that sting

I feel the emptiness of this bode
I look for light within the dark
To validate the starless void
Venerating what once was stark

What sounds the knell of my death?
Will I hear the notes of dread?
Will I be warned of my last breath?
After death will life go on as I have read?

I fear to tread upon this trek
Not knowing what lies around the bend
The days grows short, on this faulty deck
My ship nears port my time at end

Upon this vessel that hold my soul
I'll trust in him who died for me
Only he can warm the cold
The love he offers is heavenly

So I'll gather all my sins
Ask forgiveness to cleanse my soul
My faith is strong it never dims
Grace reflects as I near the shoal

"Faulty Deck," Copyright 2013 © by Roland Ruiz
Written Oct. 1, 2014
Posted October 15, 2014


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