Roland Ruiz


Image: Roland Ruiz and his wife Angie

  • Real name: Roland Ruiz
  • Pen name: puddles1947
  • City, State: Elmendorf, Texas

About Me
My name is Roland R. Ruiz, born in San Antonio, Texas in Oct. of 1947, I wrote my first poem in high school, in 1966, did not write another one until 2001, for our 25th Wedding Anniversary, why it took so long only God knows. Since then I have written nearly 300 poems.

I am a former Air Force Brat, my late Father was in the US Air Force for over 20 years, I am the oldest of 4, my sister Deanna was born in Warner Robbins, Georgia, my sister Dolores was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland, and my baby brother Simon, was born in Hope Mills, North Carolina. They all live around the San Antonio, area, and we see each other often, speak to each other more then we see. My Mom and Dad are buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, how they are missed.

My poetry covers many facets of life, I have always believed I was given a gift, we all are given a gift by God, it is up to us to figure how to best use this present. I hope in the words of the poetry you will read, I do honor to the stanzas he sends my way.

Roland Ruiz' Poems

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