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An Awesome Kind of Love
By Sharon West

You are the Love of my life
The reason I do what I do
My palms still sweat when I'm near you
An Unconditional Love, that's honest, trustworthy and true
A Love that's never ending is what I cherish with you
The passion of my heart your Love is fearless, yet painful too
I can always be myself when I'm around you
Laughing and talking together, Your Love doesn't judge the things I do
It's tolerant and forgiving, can't bear thought of ever losing you
Love is respect at its highest never wanting to hurt you
We grow with the changes, the challenges, and together we get through
Our Love is not complicated; it's soft as a warm and gentle hug
Sharing with you is so special
We have an awesome kind of Love

"An Awesome Kind of Love," Copyright © 2017 by Sharon West
Posted February 9, 2017

I know you
By Sharon West

You are always in your feelings
At times that bothers you
You care too much what others think
about the kind and softer you

Do they really see you, you wonder this a lot
Your quiet and distant mannerism can make you seem forgotten
But you are fantastic,a gem all its radiate the beauty
of the Savior on his throne

So continue to be YOU, share the blessings as they're shown
and bask in joy of knowing the YOU, you've always known

By Sharon West

When you know you've had your best
and your worst is yet to come
How do you follow butterflies beneath the
blistering sun
The good is always better, it's best to follow the SON
Than to let our minds go wondering
Because this world's a Great Big Con
There's unknown challenges ahead of us and
victories to pursue
Each destination all mapped out the choices up to you

"Uncertainty," Copyright © 2016 by Sharon West
Posted May 21, 2016

Don't We All
By Sharon West

I have regrets for the past
Thoughts for the present
And hopes for the future

"Don't We All," Copyright © 2012 by Sharon West
Posted August 8, 2012

Today is Today
By Sharon West

Today is Today
and I'm sure that if I live again tomorrow
Today will be another Today
fillied with the same hopes, thoughts, and sorrows
that I feel as I breathe in Todays air

"Today is Today," Copyright © 2012 by Sharon West
Posted August 8, 2012

By Sharon West

Have you ever thought about not thinking
But when you thought about not thinking
You were already thinking about what you
Thought about not thinking!

"Thinking," Copyright © 2012 by Sharon West
Posted August 8, 2012

By Sharon West

Here together, you and me alone
We've got something we can call
our own
This moment, here together.

"Together," Copyright © 2012 by Sharon West
Posted August 8, 2012


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