Bobbie Williams' Poems


By Bobbie P. Williams

Will it ever come to pass
When all shall be considered equal.
The world is more than Black or White,
Only so long a repeated sequel.

Difference indeed, yet mostly the same,
How can you begin to know me,
with no understanding or knowledge
of my life, my thoughts, my desires
are simply of my name.

Colors can be deceiving
One this, the other that,
Black, white, brown, red or yellow,
Is either color truly better, or
more important than the other?
No! Eventually we shall all discover.

Never have we met in life,
Yet, you are quick to judge me.
The reason being, The reason why?
Once again, does color apply?

Some circumstances are not within
our control and never go away;
Like the wind, the rain, the sun and
the moon.

Like the unforgettable past, they are
here to stay.

Choose what is changeable, endure and
Accept the unchangeable, keep a positive
outlook. God says, "This too shall pass."
Travel on into the near future.

Where the ole past is still there,
not forgotten, but waiting patiently
to greet you, to a future of equality
for all.

March 7-19, 2011

Posted 4-3-2012
"SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE," Copyright © 2012 by Bobbie P. Williams

Take Time [Poem in Collaboration]
By Bobbie Williams, Elizabeth Hobbs, Beverly Wittman

Sunsets are so beautiful
so awesome to behold
It can fill your heart
and saturate your soul

Take time, pause, contemplate
before your day unfolds
inspire your heart to meditate
before you grow old and cold

Eight "Little Women"
By: Bobbie Williams

Seven sisters, eight girls, eight young ladies,
Seven sisters, how marvelous; now utterly grand.

Seven sisters, eight young ladies,
How? Why? Was this all planned?

Kissing, hugging, or kicking and screaming,
Not ones to be separated, not even while dreaming.

Oh, to be part of a group so special,
To enjoy the laughter, the closeness,

Only eight young ladies can understand,
I'm sure now, that was the true plan.

I really can't imagine the pure joy
They surely, undoubtedly share,

Because, you see, I have never been there,
Being an only child, one can only imagine.

Growing up together from year to year,
The distance beetween them, so far away,
Yet, so near.

The love they share so pure and fine,
A double set of "little Women," how awesome,

How devine, Seven sisters, Eight young ladies,
sharing, caring, each one of a kind.

Author's Note: Dedicated to my friend, Bev

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