Beverley Wittman's Poems


Image: Beverley Wittham (right) with Elizaebeth Hobbs
Beverley Wittman (right)
with Elizabeth Hobbs
at Poetry in Progress anniversary celebration, 2012


By Beverley Wittman

Resigning from the library
required many a thought,
Should I stay? Or should I not!

The pros of staying far
outweigh the cons,
I could give you several reasons,
but you'd probably yawn....

The staff is great, each one here,
To me they have become so very dear.
Working here I feel very "Blessed,"
That, Dear Hearts, you probably guessed.

Love the patrons who have been pleasant and fun,
made coming to work a joy for one.

But, soon I shall be 77 ...surprise! Surprise!
Difficult mostly for me to realize.
The heart is young, fun and bold,
Hard to believe the body is getting old!

What else can I say, Thank You Dear Hearts,
from me to you I say.........

God Bless You and Keep You all the year through!

Don't forget me...Love and Hugs,


"The Joy of Working at the Library," Copyright c 2016 by Beverley Wittman
Posted February 16, 2016

Editor's Note: Beverley Wittman is dear to our hearts for many reasons, but especially because she was a loyal member, participant, and co-greeter at our Poetry in Progress meetings for most of its four year life.

Due to her light spirit, sense of humor, and caring attitude, Bev endeared herself to the library patrons and staff during her tenure at the DeSoto Public Library for more than a decade. You could often identify her by her Mickey Mouse shirt or at Christmas time, her Mrs. Santa outfit which she joyfully wore as she read stories to the children. The children loved her and the stories.

Bev's generous spirit was evident by the many times she brought candy to the library for patrons and staff and by the way she provided decorations at Christmas time. To say that Bev is a people person is an understatement indeed. Bev might have been a part time worker at the library, but she will be missed full time for quite a while.

We love and appreciate you Bev, and on a personal note, I respect you for your character and your kindness. You are an example for the generations.
- Glenn Currier, Editor

Poetry in Progress
By Beverley Wittman

Poetry in Progress?
What could I write?
With a talent so limited,
Just thinking is my plight.

Poetry writing?
Oh no, not me,
I just like to read it
Not compose you see.

Humor I like, but
Erma Bombeck I'm not,
Though she's been my mentor,
Her talent I've not caught.

Flip Wilson is fun,
His limericks are great,
His type of poetry
I can often relate,

Ziggy is someone I can't forget,
He understands my sad side,
When my sunshine has gone,
And lets me know I still belong.

What does this have to do with
Poetry in progress? Not much,
My mangled mind is such a mess
Even God would say, "She's under duress!"

I leave you talented hearts with this,
God Bless and Keep you in His glowing light,
While I bask in the glory of the prose you write,
And stay in the shadows smiling with delight.

"Poetry in Progress," Copyright © 2013 by Beverley Williams
Posted March 9, 2013

Editor's Note: Written on the occasion of the 2nd Birthday Celebration of Poetry in Progress group, DeSoto, Texas November 5, 2013

A Live Snowman
By Beverley Wittman

Bundled up looking like Frosty
We waddle outside to play
Snowballs come flying
Who is sending them our way?

"A Live Snowman," Copyright © 2012 by Beverley Wittman
Posted January 15, 2013

By Beverley Wittman

Snowflakes are falling,
Each one a unique design.
Light and fluffy they land on me
Their beauty stays in my mind.

"Snowflakes," Copyright © 2012 by Beverly Wittman
Posted January 15, 2013

Editor's Note
The above two poems were provided by Beverley Wittman to the Poetry in Progress group to help them with their "framed poems" fund-raising project in October 2012. For her assistance we are very grateful.

Take Time [Poem in Collaboration]
By Beverley Wittman, Bobbie Williams, and Elizabeth Hobbs

Sunsets are so beautiful
so awesome to behold
It can fill your heart
and saturate your soul

Take time, pause, contemplate
before your day unfolds
inspire your heart to meditate
before you grow old and cold

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